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Pinhead box major problem

I played against oinhead in lerys today and a chain hunt started

I picked up the box and for straight 1 minute I couldn't damn solve it

I moved location I DID EVERYTHING and the chains were following me

I got into a very tight corner and I was ok or maybe it stopped because the killer used his power

This is not ok

When oinhead got released when I pick up the box and a chain hunt was active the chains stabbed me for about 3 rimes and then I could solve the box but now no. The chains are more toxic than the killer

This is not normal

Do sth


  • Dead_HarderDead_Harder Member Posts: 1,370

    You know that if you use the environment to break them instead of doing it yourself they spawn again right?

  • some_guy1some_guy1 Member Posts: 577

    dodge three chains and start solving

  • JarkyJarky Member Posts: 409
    edited August 19

    When you're solving the box with a chain hunt starting:

    1) Don't break chains on the environment. It spawns another one even without the add-on, the add-on just increases the amount to 2.

    2) There's a small break between the 3 chains spawning before another set of 3 spawn - this is when you want to solve it. Wait for the third to spawn, dodge it, and then solve it.

    3) If you struggle with 2, then just let all 3 chains hit you, break them (not on the environment), and then solve it.

  • ShinobuSKShinobuSK Member Posts: 4,688

    Either dodge them or remove them normally when they hit you.

    If you break them over walls, they keep auto spawning one more chain. Its the same principle with his normal chains, if you break them over environment they will spawn again after a second or two

  • _kostas_pap_207_kostas_pap_207 Member Posts: 453

    I didn't break them with the environment. I was just standing still and they were hitting me . That's the crazy thing

    That's was what I doing when pinhead came out but now even when when I am in the middle of solving the box it will spawn chains

  • GloamGloam Member Posts: 638

    Today I learned random bits of code could be considered toxic.

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