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Reassurance is only “OP” against boring killer play styles

GannTMGannTM Member Posts: 9,776

I’m sorry to say it to campers out there, but the perk is very healthy for the game. It should be a basekit mechanic but it’s whatever, the devs for some reason love balancing things around perks. But to anyone that regularly camps at 4-5 gens, did you not expect this to come at some point?

I’d strongly suggest to adapt your play style before the chapter releases so you can be less worried about the perk. If you play differently, then the perk won’t be that useful against you. However if you don’t wanna adapt, don’t complain the perk is too OP. Early game camping is such a dull part of the game and I would love to see it get destroyed. Late game camping is fine though as that’s usually the only option the killer has left.

On a side note, I’d recommend Spirit to you all. She can do very well without camping or tunneling. It makes it even better that she’s so fun to play and she gives out happiness. This game needs more Spirit players! 🥰



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