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Rewards for devotion level

Hi, gonna keep it short & simple, I think we need a systematic reward for leveling up, specially when we reach the next devotion level, I have some ideas for the rewards but I'd be glad to hear other people's suggestions too:

.an XP boost for each devotion level (for example 5% for the first devotion, 8% for level 2 & so on)

.specific charms or skins

& displaying players devotion level In the end game match summary is one of the best ways to understand the players actual level & skill

Thank you & have a great day


  • FeryGENFeryGEN Member Posts: 500

    This level of stuff is only to be expected at the 7th Anniversary, we've only recently received rank rewards.

    I'm sure Blindness and rewards (Devotion) won't be buffed before the 7th Anniversary

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