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Reassurance should be buffed to work from outside of the basement

FacecampingTunnelerFacecampingTunneler Member Posts: 14
edited September 12 in Feedback and Suggestions

Reassurance is a perk that is made to make camping much less efficient but the basement can still be easily camped without having to worry about reassurance, I don't know/think the range should be buffed generally but its annoying that the basement can still be camped since I would say its generally agreed that camping is the most boring thing in the game.


  • Bot_Salvo88Bot_Salvo88 Member Posts: 929
    edited September 12

    An easy solution to camping is to not get caught 🤯

    Jokes aside, I agree. Reassurance needs at least 10 meters range BUT it shouldn't activate if the killer is chasing a survivor near the hook. At that point is the survivor's fault for chasing around the hook.

  • MikaelaWantsYourBoonMikaelaWantsYourBoon Member Posts: 3,796

    I agree with that. Reassurance needs 2 changes for make it good perk:

    1. Make distance 10m.
    2. Make it work for each hook state instead of per hook instance.
  • LynxxLynxx Member Posts: 453

    That wouldn't work out either. It's rare when a killer just stands there face camping, now they do aggressive proxy camping, dancing around the hook, but always being just within reach if a save is attempted. That puts people into chases almost immediately and Reassurance wouldn't work at all. And it's not really a chase if the killer is just chasing people away from the hook - which this is the case that Reassurance really needs to work in.

  • RudjohnsRudjohns Member Posts: 530

    LOL?? Of course not, it defeats the purpose of the perk

  • FeryGENFeryGEN Member Posts: 498

    Since the perk itself was nerfed before the release, it would be nice if it gave the activator a buff to the speed of healing or repairing

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