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AFK Crows for Killers

Ivory_PartnaiteIvory_Partnaite Member Posts: 82
edited September 14 in Feedback and Suggestions

It's just annoying when a killer is AFK or has an auto clicker on, I don't think any survivor enjoys this experience. So to remove this from the game, AFK Crows can be put on the killer if they're doing the following:

  • Swinging in the same place.
  • Using their power in the same place.
  • Walking randomly and swinging.

Killers wont get crows if they're in a chase longer than 15 seconds.

EDIT 12:01 9/14/22

When a killer has three crows, survivors can DC without consequence.

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  • SimfelizSimfeliz Member Posts: 2,890

    What benefit would it be to have this?

  • SuzuKRSuzuKR Member Posts: 3,911

    Crows don’t kick them though.

  • ImmersedNurseImmersedNurse Member Posts: 3,204

    Honestly I'm all for this.

    I didn't queue up to play against an AFK opponent, I'd rather just leave the match and go to the next one.

  • CrowmanCrowman Member Posts: 5,992

    I don't see a purpose. Just finish the gens and leave.

  • Ivory_PartnaiteIvory_Partnaite Member Posts: 82

    It's boring though, it takes like, three minutes or more to just do gens and the killer doesn't even do anything. I didn't queue up to play Gen Simulator.

  • CrowmanCrowman Member Posts: 5,992

    But the killer being AFK isn't preventing you from doing so. It's free bloodpoints you get and leave.

  • SimfelizSimfeliz Member Posts: 2,890

    I actually don't mind an AFK killer now and then, especially when I'm doing a challenge where I need to escape and it doesn't involve interacting with the killer. TBH haven't seen many lately. Did have a Bubba yesterday. I did a gen right next to him. The whole time I was waiting for him to spring to life and chainsaw me. Talk about fear inducing.

  • CrowmanCrowman Member Posts: 5,992

    Depipping as a whole doesn't really matter, but if pips do matter for you

    Escaping without going down is Iri Emblem in Unbroken (4)

    By default you have a Bronze Emblem in Benevolent (1)

    You get 25 points for all 5 gens getting finished (an additional 15 for opening an exit gate). 20 points fo cleansing dulls. And a point for each 1% of a gen you work on.

    If you cleanse all 5 dulls and open the exit gate that is enough for Silver Emblem. Do 50% of a gen and you have Gold.

    This gives you a total of 8 which is a safety pip in all grades below Iri.

    If you do 1.5 gens, cleanse all 5 dulls, and open the exit gates you'll get an Iri emblem and safety pip in Iri Grade.

  • Ivory_PartnaiteIvory_Partnaite Member Posts: 82

    The problem isn't bloodpoints, the problem is that it isn't fun to do generators and cleanse totems. Getting chased is the best part about DBD.

  • CrowmanCrowman Member Posts: 5,992

    DBD isn't solely a chase simulator. Part of the survivor role is to do gens and open the exit gate. I get it sucks to have an afk killer, but there's really no reason to d/c over it. Just do the gens and leave.

  • hastarkishastarkis Member Posts: 365

    Yeah, you know what's better than that? Not trying to secure not-de-pipping but get +1 pip. You just can't do that if killer is afk with insidious. Pipping doesn't matter after reaching iri 1, but that's not an easy target for me because of my playing time and my playing style. I'm sad if I loose pips. Believe me or not, even though I'm sad and do care about my pips, I don't want running around with calculator and fight with other survs for farming points just because one side decided not to play. I'd prefer being in chases and earn those points and pips naturally. And yeah, it's not boring that way, you have to manage your time and resources to achieve win conditions. In afk scenario you just... What? Playing monopoly?

    I can tell you more, we met a killer who was afk the whole game on purpose. He motivated that in end-game chat as the game is survivor-sided, he tired of survivors, tired of beings stomped, wish us enjoying our farm (we brought 4 flans as 4men swf, we ain't farmers, ain't competitive, we do stupid things and we're super altruistic, we often end up dying dumb but happily), he will do that forever ruining survivors' games, he refuses to entertain us. He also said he was going to DC to ruin our offerings completely, but I think he prefered to give us *some* points in order to avoid dc penalty (I assume, not the first one).

    Being good at stupid altruistic things and therefore being bad in pipping in iri grades, I was one pip away from 2 iri and was a little frustrated. Both about pretty unavoidable depipping (I prefer not to sweat here, not to rob points from my teammates who in the same position and not to strech the game which is pointless enough) and the fact that our flans did nothing not because we were hardly outplayed and died in 3 mins but because someone decided to perform some sort of class revenge. Yes, my decision to not farm. Yes, it's a game and nothing bad happened. Still afk guys rob survs in some way. It is frustrating. Especially when right after those afks (where I could get pip and level up to another milestone) I loose all my pips due to rng, camping, tunneling and/or my bad plays. It happened before too. Yes, bad rng. Yes, ######### happens.

    I mean, yeah, I can survive (ha) that, nothing THAT bad happened, that's ok and I often think "meh, unlucky, let's go next". After all I barely see AFK killers, and I loose pips on daily basis.

    But... But.

    TL; DR I prefer to loose my pip in order to finish those boring games and go into next one, but yes, I'm frustrated about that and I have my right here tbh. I have enough reasons to loose my pips without AFKs, and I feel robbed both in points and grades because this game could bring me much more bloodpoints and even +1 pip if killer decided to play the game.

    So, yeah, free points (less than I could get from a game with good chases and altruism) and free de-pip. Not like I'm into crows and free d/c idea tho, I just disagree with your point of view here. Not trying to change your mind :)

  • CrowmanCrowman Member Posts: 5,992

    I think you care way too much about pips. Depipping is not the end of the world and you have over a month to reach Iri 1. It hardly matters if you have a depip game as long as you are able to pip more than you depip. Plus you can't degrade, so depipping when you have no pips literally does not matter.

  • hastarkishastarkis Member Posts: 365

    You didn't read what I wrote. Or didn't understand.

    You're wrong thinking I care too much, you're wrong trying to ensure me depipping isn't the end of the world (I wrote the same thing, you know). You even miss the point about playtime (no, I did reach iri 1 this month, it wasn't enough for me), and about reaching milestones where you can't degrade. And literally all other points.

    You can think whatever you want, honestly, I said I'm not trying to change your mind. And you can't change mine that AFK killers rob potential *ability* to get +1 and even +2 pip, force you to secure your present pip and (free bloodpoints! free bloodpoints!) rob your ability to earn more points (and rob your offerings). Not a big deal, yes. Doesn't mean those factors somehow dissappear.

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