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Finally buff reassurance!

MyteaMytea Member Posts: 26
edited September 15 in Feedback and Suggestions

almost all of my matches consist of hardcore camping and tunneling killers! it's no fun at all for many ppl i'd say. reassurance just has 6 meters range. you literally have to stand right in front of the killer being able to use this perk! i have just had a match vs a hardcore camping artist on the garden of joy map. she camped the stairs leading to a hooked survivor upstairs. i couldn't use reassurance and had to take a hit at the stairs in order to hook swap, but then i was hooked at the exact same hook. she used pain resonance and dead man's switch. no killer should be able to face camp and juggle gens at the same time! that's pure bullshit! at least redo the changes to reassurance and change the 6 meters to at least 16 meters so basement camping can be prevented at least a bit by being able to use reassurance from upstairs if the killer (most likely a bubba) is camping downstairs or the situation with the artist on the garden of joy map with the mainbuilding could have been prevented or at least prolonged the hook phase, but due to reassurance's limited range i couldn't use reassurance at all. in almost all of my matches i'm able to use reassurance only once. that's not really worth the perk slot for an "anti-camping" perk if you can't use it at all!


  • FeryGENFeryGEN Member Posts: 501

    And I purposely camp those who are under Reassurance, by the way I noticed such statistics, they try to save a survivor under this perk more often than others, sometimes I purposely camp the owner of this perk. I don’t camp at all, but if a match uses such a perk as soon as I hang, i.e. I didn’t even have time to move away from the hook, then I instantly start camping to show that their perk will not work. If they make a camper out of me, then please, I will camp)

  • MyteaMytea Member Posts: 26

    camping is your own decision. ppl like me also just use it for camping killers to gain benefit from camping. in 99 % of the cases i unhook the killer is nowhere near except they are camping and then i will use this perk to prevent this or at least give the hooked some match time. nobody wants to die 1st hook hanging there without the possibility to do anything else or gain points for anything else in the match. killers who just camp to camp are stupid and should not remain in the game. if i camp which already is a rare occasion i do it for a good reason. i will never facecamp one person on hook 2 hook stages straight. that's simply lame and if you need that you are a really bad killer.

  • GandorGandor Member Posts: 1,368

    SoloQ usually does not know how to play around the perk. You use it and you run away. You don't unhook. You do gens.

    Once reassurence is about to expire, another survivor uses it (if there is one) OR you trade if there isn't. 2 reassurences in a game will change killers mind, or he looses all the gens for 0-1k. The perk is awesome. But lack of knowledge/coordination around the perk make it much weaker in soloQ (which is reason why it probably needs buff).

    Still. I take the perk to my soloQ games every time - and it helped me A LOT. Killers usually drop facecamping because of it

  • MyteaMytea Member Posts: 26

    well i agree to the point that knowledge can ruin every perk just like reassurance, but i have also said that you can't even use it in certain situations. a basement camping bubba will still be able to basement camp or my example with the artist camping a hook being able to still shoot birds and harass ppl on gens all over the map and the problem with this is that if you let go it would automatically block at least for the time dead man's runs. that's just hella stupid. no killer should be able to camp somebody and still harass gens at the same time. not even huntress could do this effectively on all gens even if you were good with huntress. some gens are hid behind walls etc. artist doesn't care about that except if gens are elevated. you can't use reassurance on somebody being camped by a bubba in basement. i have tried it multiple times and if the killer is camping the stairs it's even worse because you can't get close at all. the range definitely has to be increased. there is one occasion though i use reassurance before unhooking or maybe two. one being to finish a gen that's close to being done to then unhook or to secure i'm able to unhook in time in last second because there is a chance i might not make it in time. besides that i use the perk and do something else, but despite the perk being even weaker in solo q which i mostly play the range is still way too low.

  • GandorGandor Member Posts: 1,368

    Agreed on basement bubba camping stairs.

    Disagree on artist in main of garden of joy (you take hit, use sprint burst to run close by hooked person, use reassurence and run away to heal again - artist either chases - so unhook can happen, or camps and people do gens).

    For harassment across the map - dms is 30s (and you can easily dodge crows on such a distance). That's 1 reassurence worth of time. 60 more seconds to do gens and then trade. I mean - it's not ideal, but you CAN play around it - especially if 2+ people take the perk.

    But sure - getting 2-6m longer activation range would be reaaly nice

  • MyteaMytea Member Posts: 26

    well i have had this artist match as said and i tried to use reassurance as you have said. since this didn't work i had to hook swap. i was the only person having this perk or at least if i can remember correctly since nobody else used it. if the artist can shoot each gen (30 secs dead man's switch IF hit obviously) they even out and you gained nothing from it. that's the problem. what was even more of a problem is that when i did the hook swap i was hit by the stairs, used the speed boost exactly as you have said to unhook. this main building is a mess and i wouldn't even have gotten out of the house without going down even if i ran away. she closed the distance way to quickly for me being able to make it out of the building alive. not to speak of an artist with stbfl which would make it impossible to do this because the recovery time of her hit would be even way less than it was in my case. 12 meters should be minimum for this perk and i'm not asking for 32 to 72 meters or something in order to be able to use this perk across the whole map while you are repairing gens. i'm speaking of simple kindred or even wiretap range and that's not even really much.

  • LeFennecFoxLeFennecFox Member Posts: 582

    A very strong perk atm that apparently needs 10 buffs to be useful

  • DeathstrokeDeathstroke Member Posts: 1,613

    Good buff suggestion and would make it actually useful.

  • MyteaMytea Member Posts: 26

    the 40 seconds is a bummer though. it would revoke its "buff".

  • 6yXJI06yXJI0 Member Posts: 589

    Camping and tunneling is even worse than before. I would suggest a buff to Reassurance in terms of range and duration, but only 1 source of Reassurance. No longer 3 survivors will be able to apply their Reassurances one after another on a single survivor hook stage.

  • GandorGandor Member Posts: 1,368

    Why? I see 0 reason why it can't be applied multiple times. There are killers that need to see reinsurance applied twice to stop camping.

    And I love to apply it 2nd time - especially in soloQ (which does happen). It helps teach killer, that there is more to the game then just camping.

  • 6yXJI06yXJI0 Member Posts: 589

    Why not just buff the duration twice the value, but only one instance per hook stage? No more survivors can apply additional instances

  • Zolfo16Zolfo16 Member Posts: 469

    Stairs locked hooks are the worst. You can't do anything, like the other one in Thompson's house. Those are an issue, there should always be a second way to go up.

    The only place with hooks and only one access should be the basement.

    Other than that Reassurance i think works fine. It is not supposed to prevent camping or damaging the basement. It is made to make camping in the early-middle game unproductive, but BHVR always said that camping is a legitimate strategy.

    It is doing what it is supposed to do. Maybe Camaraderie should be buffed.

  • HagAdamMainHagAdamMain Member Posts: 41

    I was thinking the same thing, Reassurance being only usable at 6 meters range is ridiculous, the rescuer is very likely to get hit by a killer who is camping the hooked survivor, it should have been at least a 10 meter range to activate

  • DBDVultureDBDVulture Member Posts: 1,144
    edited September 20

    Needs a nerf honestly. It should not be something that can be spammed.

    One use per hook state per target survivor per team is fine.

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  • GandorGandor Member Posts: 1,368

    oh. We found a camper. No 1-time application is definitely not enough. Because 1-time usage can be still waited out without throwing the game - without perfect coordination (which is absurdly hard in soloQ). 2-time usage is actually punishing enough that the camper will loose more then he will actually gain. So 2-time usage (at minimum) should be totally valid. But if the killer get's hit by this 3 times... Well. Let's say he fully deserves it at this moment.

    It's not like I can use reassurance from across the map - so killer had his chance to actually play the game. Or that I want my teammate on a hook instead of on a generator. I only use it if the killer face camps, proxy camps, or tunnels very hard and we can win without the last one.

  • sizzlingmario4sizzlingmario4 Member Posts: 3,708

    It should work once per hook stage, not once per hook instance. As in, you should be able to use it a second time if someone goes struggle phase on their first hook, which you currently cannot do.

    Maybe extend the range a couple meters as well so it's useful for basement. That's probably about all it needs.

  • MyteaMytea Member Posts: 26

    i don't get how ppl can complain about reassurance being good enough...it's not! the nerf to reassurance making it work only once perk survivor per hook stage was already a huge nerf. sure keeping survivors hostage on hook would have been a problem, but that could have been changed by implementing a mechanic similar to the wiggle skill checks or something like this in which the survivor would have been able to cancel the forced longer hook time themselves. reassurance should have no limit to usage in my opinion. it IS an anti-camping perk because you can prolong the hook time for a survivor. there is no other reason to lengthen the struggle phase of a hooked survivor if it wasn't for camping. if the killer is not camping you can simply unhook the survivor. then this perk would have had no use, but since it IS indeed against camping killers this perk has to work properly as an anti-camping perk. the range should at least be 10 meters, but i'd rather suggest 16 meters because even 16 meters isn't that much. there is no reason to limit the range itself despite making it usable from 100 meters across the map while still repairing a generator. if it's meant as an anti-camping perk which it is then there shouldn't be such a low range. this perk shall prevent killers from camping a survivor on hook because camping killers want to benefit from a quickly sacrificed survivor to have way more pressure on survivors. if you can forbid this as a survivor then the killer is in much more pressure. no killer should just stand there on hook semi-afk and gain benefit from it. behavior has to address camping and tunneling in this game just like cheating/hacking. there has to put an end to camping and tunneling killers because they don't just ruin the fun of the hooked survivors, but it's not much fun for themselves either.

    so behavior should revoke the changes they made as following:

    - increase the range to 10 to 16 meters

    - remove the limited usage per survivor or hook stage

    - add an option to opt-out as hooked survivor in case of kept hostage (for example add an option to forcefully end the reassurance effect as a hooked survivor. therefore nobody can be held hostage and camping can be prevented or at least drastically reduced.)

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