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basekit unbreak, mori, buff perks, second slot offerings

FeryGENFeryGEN Member Posts: 498
edited September 22 in Feedback and Suggestions

1. A survivor recovering on his own must become an obsession.

Many perks and challenges in the game require obsession, but few survivors use perks that change obsession. It happens that the obsession just disconnects for various reasons and these challenges can no longer be completed. The survivor must have a choice, give the killer the obsession to work his quests, or wait for help in the uplift.

2. Slugging is sometimes necessary, because hanging takes a long time and during this time a generator can be started, so you should slightly speed up the animation of lifting and hanging. For Iron Grasp perks, speed up the pick up and hang animations by 20%.

3. Will Mori's offerings be multiplied by the matchmaking bonus system?

In any case, the bonus should be increased, even if it works with the new reward system +40k for a pink offering, not a very good deal.

4. Hook Offerings, again should give more hooks (at least +1 hook) as in the current situation, hooks spawn terribly far, even with a tribute,And the survivors take advantage of this and fall where there were no hooks at all from the very beginning of the match. In addition, many perks work from hooks (I'm talking about Hangmans Trick), such a buff will be useful.

5. Second slot for killer offerings or see offerings from survivors. I think it's somehow unfair to the killers that they have one slot against 4 survivors, I have already raised this topic many times, if the survivors take the offerings to the distance of the hooks, then the killer will probably be able to inform the survivor, but how to counter their offerings if they also took a map and a basement in a shack, and they themselves fall in the main building?

The killer needs to have a second slot for Sacrifical ward or something.


  • bm33bm33 Member Posts: 7,257

    I think these are good for basekit anti-slugging and I have no argument against them as long as survivors get the basekit anti-slugging.

    I do think with Hangmans Trick they should have it bring back permanently destroyed hooks after a time like the perk used to do if survivors get basekit anti-slugging. While I do think killers should be more aware of where they are hooking survivors for risk of losing a hook in an unfortunate area, with the anti-slug change they are put in a lose/lose situation in a dead zone and sometimes the killer doesn't expect that survivor to remove a hook creating a dead zone thanks to hook suicide or crappy teammates not saving them.

  • FeryGENFeryGEN Member Posts: 498

    Anti-slugging is good, I agree. Where the survivors all lie on the ground and die for 4 minutes, it's terrible. But the necessary slugging is acceptable, I think we will see how it will work on the PTB. I still hope that they will at least make the mechanic of changing the obsession if the survivor himself recovered. I think it would be nice when the game solves several problems at once. I'm also in favor of disconnects being considered murder or sacrifice. I hope the developer listens to this feedback.

  • mizark3mizark3 Member Posts: 349
    1. No issue, seems fine.
    2. Slugging is sometimes necessary, so you have 45s to pick them up. Any more is fair to call as BM on the Killer's part. Also if you insta-pickup you deny all value of slugging perks, so those are also dealt with.
    3. The Mori values are exceedingly low for the hoops needed to jump through. I can use Yellow Rarity Pudding for a max of 40k, but I need a 4k to get 20k with an Iridescent? They should be doubled or even tripled if they want the qualifications to stay as is.
    4. 1 flat hook per rarity seems more than fair to improve the value of those offerings. That way there is a max of 3 bonus hooks with the Purple rarity.
    5. Agree and disagree. The Survivor purple hook distance offerings give 1m per offering, and the Killer equivalent gives 3.5m. Those balancing aspects are already dealt with from the numbers. I would say Surivor map offerings should only give 25%, and killer give 100%, from the current 100% each. That way 4 Survs offering the same map gets the same odds as the Killer's map. I also think Sacrificial Wards should prevent offered realms from showing up, instead of removing the bonus. I hate using a Sacri-ward and having the map still show up.
  • FeryGENFeryGEN Member Posts: 498
    1. Why not? Obsession perks are now rarely taken by anyone, and the killer must know if the survivor rose himself or was raised
    2. I'm not saying buff the slug, I'm saying buff the up and down. Many things in the game happen while you hang a survivor.
    3. I would say that they need to rework this part differently. Cypress - 5000 for each killed after the end of the final mori, Ivory - 6500, Ebony - 8000.

    I more or less agree on other things.

  • mizark3mizark3 Member Posts: 349
    1. I was saying I have no issue with this and it seems fine either way, and the forum formatting kinda requires numbers for each without jumping through hoops.
    2. Slugging is unaffected by the 45s times unless you are saying to pick up the 3rd Surv after an Oni snowball, if so then I think the buff would be better suited on Mad Grit personally. Even then I think it would still be fine. If you had ~15s between each down then you reach the first person and pick them up and hook them with ~6s pickup and hook and ~8s travel time to hook. That still gives you roughly enough time to get back to the second person in time or to instadown them again (minus Soul Guard). Then you can pick which of the 2nd and 3rd Survs to pickup and still get the 3 hooks.
    3. That version seems much better than the dev version. I was merely working with what they gave us but your version just seems strictly better imo. I might tilt the numbers up myself though, just to have them be 5k/7.5k/10k each. That way Pudding's theoretical 40k matches the theoretical 40k from the Iri.

  • FeryGENFeryGEN Member Posts: 498
    1. meh
    2. meh...
    3. I thought a little and thought, of course, if they increase the bonus, but I also wanted to note that these points will be a bonus no matter how many you score in the match, what if most of the survivors just rained in the match? Then you will get points regardless of the results of the points scored, this is also an argument.
  • ChikyChiky Member Posts: 281

    For the BP bonus, it definitely should be more. I'd say +100%, +200%, and +300% points in the corresponding category would be better

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