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My Hag

CymerCymer Member Posts: 808
Hag is my favorite killer and I love to play her with:

-Hex: Haunted Ground
-Make your choice
-Monitor and Abuse

Haunted Ground let the train start rolling and gives a fast down.
BBQ let me see my next victim and I can plan which gens to protect.
Make your Choice let's me double punish the survivors without tunneling.
Monitor and Abuse is for the lolz. I really like to scare the survivors with a sneaky Hag.

At first I try to stake out a perimeter with my traps to hunt. Trap the Hex Totems as bait and start patrolling the gens. Finding and downing the first survivor is often really easy, either thanks to Haunted Ground or Monitor and Abuse. One sneaky first hit and the a swift second one. Remember our perimeter? Try to hunt them in that direction.
If possible hook them in the basement. Place a trap at the end of the stairs and one on the top.
Mostly they sneak past one of them and then panic at the other.
Otherwise just take the nearest hook, place a trap and chase the next survivor thanks to BBQ.
If no survivors can be found, encircre the hook with traps.
Slowly but surely I will win most of my matches.
Best way is the set up a 3 gen strat around the basement.
If the survivors let you do this, they deserve to die.
Only the hatch can save them now. (And too often does...)

Have fun with the Hag!


  • CymerCymer Member Posts: 808
    edited February 16
    Another build, more for chill and relax:

    -Franklin's Demise 
    -Knock Out
    -Monitor and Abuse

    This build let's you play with much less stress.
    Annoying item can be knock out of survivors hands. Put a trap on it for more fun.
    Deerstalker and Knock Out let's you slug a survivor if no hook is near, like right next to it.
    And Monitor and Abuse is for sneaking up on survivors and scare them.

    Preferably you want to hook them in the basement as the hag, because thanks to her traps you can secure the basement and still wander off.
    One trap on the little platform between the stairs and one trap on top of the stairs. This gives you enough reaction time to catch them.

    Thanks to the slugging power and item disabler you play very efficient.
    Voice nerfs Knock Out keep that in mind.
    Otherwise don't bother with struggling. Just hook them if reasonable otherwise just happy hunting.

    CYA in the fog!

    Tips for survivors: hag traps can be circumvented by crouching by, flashlights and firecrackers destroy traps and usually when the hag is in a chase (you know this either by voice, seeing it yourself or at the little hurt icon) you can run around and trigger multiple traps at your leisure. This may save your friend or disable alot of traps and map pressure from the hag. So please don't DC or "sacrifice" yourself (I didn't intend to use bad words sorry!). Learn, adapt and have fun!
  • VietfoxVietfox Member Posts: 3,826
    Hag is also fun because you can run any build with her and do well, she's good even without perks.
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