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Camping and Tunneling is actually skillful



  • AverageAshEnjoyerAverageAshEnjoyer Member Posts: 289

    All fair points. I sometimes feel like that too when I play killer

  • LekitzulLekitzul Member Posts: 480

    You will def have to explain to me how standing in front of a hook not moving and waiting to just press a button to snatch someone is "skill".

    As for tunneling, how is going directly after a wounded surv right off a hook "skillful"? XD It's also just not fun, like, survs have objectives to and want to get at least SOME bloodpoints. Make it a little back and forth and more fun.

  • My_AespaMy_Aespa Member Posts: 545

    No kidding... did you not read my post? I said NOTHING EXCEPT those things requires skill... which is me pretty much saying camping and tunneling requires no skill, maybe read next time.

  • DoritoHeadDoritoHead Member Posts: 3,523

    That name got a laugh out of me

  • ad19970ad19970 Member Posts: 5,316

    Not a great comparison honestly. Doing gens doesn't take skill, but you can't just do gens and then call it a day. Survivors have to survive in chases, long and often enough, to get gens done. A killer, once he gets a down, just stands in front of the hook until the survivor is dead. And yes, I get that killers do also have to chase when camping and tunneling, they have to get at least one down to then camp that survivor, but it still cuts away so much required skill from the killer, and is simply an easy way out for killer players.

    It is true that these tactics aren't completely skillless. Esepcially tunneling. But camping in particular does not take much skill at all. You are just standing in front of the hook, and that is kind of it. Watching out for survivors? In which universe does that take skill? The only bit of skill that comes into play is when survivors try to unhook with good bodyblocks. But even then, there isn't much skill involved on the killer's side. You just try to go for a hook grab, and if that fails, you go for the down on the survivor you injured. It can get harder when all 4 survivors are rescuing, but at that point you still have a lot of pressure, because no one is working on gens.

    Camping really takes very little skill, it is as simple as that. The bigger problem however is still that those strategies are insanely unfun to go against, and need to be addressed. It's fine for survivors to have their biggest frustrations addressed as well, killers aren't the only one that should get that treatement.

    Tunneling admittedily takes more skill, but trying to hard tunnel just simply doesn't take nearly as much skill as playing killer normally. Killers got a bunch of buffs to make their normal gameplay style more viable, it's now time for camping and tunneling to become a little less viable. Not butchered, the game isn't there yet for that, just nerfed a bit so it is more manageable for survivors.

  • ad19970ad19970 Member Posts: 5,316

    Strategy? Standing in front of a hook and hard focusing one survivor I guess can be seen as a strategy, but by the love of god, let us not act like this is a strategy that takes even just a bit of brain power. It's literally the most simple strategy anyone could think off. People generally like strategy when it's strategy that actually take some brain power, trying to be ahead of your opponents. Not stand in front of hook until survivor dies.

    Also, the biggest reason most people do not like camping and tunneling is because they are insanely unfun to go against. And that is definitely a problem in DBD, especially now after killers received their buffs in 6.1.0. These strategies are incredibly unhealthy for the game.

  • DeathstrokeDeathstroke Member Posts: 1,616

    Yeah I had prestigate 70 level nurse with range tunnel me out. Sucks that there were 2 cakes but she just wanted me out so badly that searched whole map to find me in basement. She did hook one while I was on hook and injured others but I was clearly the target once I was unhooked. She definetely was skilled enough to win without that tunnel she slugged remaining 3 once I died in under minute. At least I managed to buy little bit time for them. I would honestly be embrassed in her position to have to use tunneling with strongest killer with strongest add ons.

  • GhostofsnowGhostofsnow Member Posts: 132
    edited September 30

    its literally used to avoid the most skillful part of the game, getting rid of chases completely for downs and makes no win scenarios if you don't go in with 2+ people for the save thus giving the killer the ability to pressure 3/4ths of a team if they don't want a player to die

    camping just feeds on altruism and lack of information in solo que. even when its dealt with properly too its boring for everyone involved. the guy on the hook, the gen jockeys and the killer who gets a 2 k at best because they made an end game build back up plan and spent 4 minutes patrolling or staring at a guy they're holding hostage

  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 6,278

    Coming from someone with that name I am actually not surprised you think it's skillful.

    Those who know...know.

  • fakefake Member Posts: 3,200

    I agree to some extent. But my opinion is that, assuming that camping and tunneling also require skill, a killer who does them and does 4k and a killer who does not do them and does 4k, the one who does not do them is more skilled.

    1. superior results without camping and tunneling (3k, 4k and many hooks)

    2. excellent results doing them (hook count varies)

    3. poor results without doing them (0k, 1k & many hooks)

    4. poor results doing them (less than 1k and few hooks of course)

    I feel this order of skill.

    But I see a lot of dissatisfied survivors complaining about 1. and 2. and 4.

  • fakefake Member Posts: 3,200

    We also agree that skills checks, despite the name "checking skills," do not require that much concentration on skills.

    I do not have a 100% success rate to overcharge skill checks, but that level of difficulty seems more like checking skills.

    I think the range could be narrowed a bit or the speed of the needle could be increased. Or an element like Lullaby.

  • OmansOmans Member Posts: 1,003

    This is the worst take i've ever seen on these forums. And I've seen people say nurse is fine.

  • mizark3mizark3 Member Posts: 350

    Due to the phrasing this is obvious bait, but I'll bite for the purpose of people reading that are ignorant.

    Camping/Tunneling is low skill high reward. The normal gameplay takes far more skill than camping and tunneling require for their rewards. The phrasing for the skilled aspect, is what to punish. Tapping a gen off of hook and then as Killer punishing greed is far more skill than blindly tunneling. Similarly going after someone who BT bodyblocked to punish their lack of anti-tunnel is also far more skill than blindly tunneling. There is a pinch of skill in hitting people off of hook if they aren't crying in pain after your previous chase in which you injured them. That is just abusing the bad mechanic that is anti-tunnel endurance causing deep wound. That scenario is also merely having enough skill to have functioning ears, which is more like gating gameplay behind not being deaf. (Personally I would give all sounds a subtitle tooltip in the top left corner of the screen, with the subtitle size based on how loud it is.) There is no outplaying your opposition's tactics or chase skill, just cheesing them out of their anti-tunnel.

    For Camping there is such tiny skill in sitting in front of the Survivor. Even if there is a nearby gen, the reward for pushing people off is vastly disproportionate to the effort put into that. The skill expression for camping is punishing a Reassurance usage. The game has too much latency to reliably win the grab game unless people fall into obvious patterns. Even then your grab can be server denied when you won the grab game. The problem is a properly kitted out facecamper can guarantee 2 minimum kills, and more often 3/4 depending on whether you slug for the 4k or not. The skilled camping equivalent is punishing a 45-59s hook save, against people who gen b4 fren.

  • SoulKeySoulKey Member Posts: 338

    I can tell you are a bad/new survivor that can't keep a chase for more than 20 seconds if you think it's mostly about holding M1 and pay attention to TR.

    But sure, going in circles around the hook is skillful \o/

  • danielmaster87danielmaster87 Member Posts: 8,228

    Now, now. The OP began by talking about all the ways that it takes brain power. To restate, you watch for people approaching the hook, because you can't just rely on winning the unreliable grab game. You can't tunnel without Bloodlusting around the body blockers, or you hit them at the right time.

    Until chases are viable, it is healthy for the game. You want to take away the few ways that killers can maybe win vs good survivors? The killer buffs in 6.1.0, I've heard enough about. We can't keep going back to that as justification for why killer no longer has any problems, because that's not true. Freddy doesn't stop being 0k Freddy just because he kicks stuff faster now.

  • versacefengversacefeng Member Posts: 653

    Saying anything is skillful in this game is a red flag.

  • BardonBardon Member Posts: 862

    Ahh, you're talking about facecamping - but there are other kinds of camping too! Proxy camping, especially if you're in a 3-gen with a hook nearby/in the middle is a very effective & valid strategy.

  • KaitsjaKaitsja Member Posts: 1,162

    Guess we found the killer-main equivalent of Sluzzy.

  • UsernameforderekUsernameforderek Member Posts: 20

    A lot of the times, survivors don't even know what camping and tunneling is or how they are basically the cause of it.

    If the killer knows you are there, then it's not camping. It's keeping you busy while the hook timer runs out. Two survivors are not doing the objective and the killer doesn't have to patrol for it. That's a good deal. And, yeah, they can tell. You left scratch marks and they are wearing headphones so they heard you running behind them at the end of the chase. That's not camping. That's tactics.

    If the gens are done and the killer decides to secure the kill on the hook, that's also not camping. Especially if there are two or more other survivors still in play. When the gens are done, if someone is unhooked, it's almost impossible for the killer to hack their way through a conga line of survivors to get back to them. Trying to secure the kill isn't camping. It's finishing the game.

    If you are unhooked in the killer's face and you give up your BT to tank a hit, that's not tunneling. Nor is it tunneling if they decide at that point to chase you instead of the person you just protected. Think about it. Now they know you gave up your BT and you probably are closer to death than the one who saved you. You are now a much more tempting choice. If you don't want to get tunneled, then run away from the killer. It's much less tempting to have to run after a survivor, then wait out the BT, then catch up for the down. If you tank a hit with your BT, that is not tunneling. That's accepting your invitation to chase.

    To avoid camping, go do gens or learn to coordinate a hook rescue. To avoid tunneling, don't unhook each other in the killer's face and don't use your BT to get protection hits.

  • NazzzakNazzzak Member Posts: 946

    I do consider camping to be low skilled play. My pov is that someone who has never played the game can buy it today, play their first game, and camp their way to a kill. It's fine for newcomers but if you're someone who has been playing killer for months and still playing the way you probably did when you were new to the game, then you're not even trying to develop your skills and doing yourself no favours.

    You are correct that learning to play survivor doesn't take much skill at all, but killer is different to survivor. It's why killers even have Easy, Moderate, Hard, Very Hard attached while survivors no longer do. Survivors are just different cosmetics. Whereas killers have different powers that take time to learn. If you cbf learning, then just play survivor. Nothing pains me more than seeing a killer with great map pressure, like Nurse or Blight, camping. May as well just play Bubba.

  • sulaimansulaiman Member Posts: 2,830

    You dont need to end that chase fast, thats the point. You might lose the game, and the guy you are tunneling can even be more skillfull than you, but the game is stacked in a way that killers will get the survivor in the end. In this cases, the game gets the down (for example via bloodlust), not the killer. Thats why really no skill is needed for tunneling.

  • Unknown2765Unknown2765 Member Posts: 585

    Skill issue, be more stealthy and STBFL is no problem, i have a decent build if you need advice on that.

  • FirelliusFirellius Member Posts: 2,308

    So please, survivors, when you complain about no-skill gameplay, have a bit of self-reflection. Your objective (generators) is literally the lowest risk, lowest skill and highest reward in the game to exist on both sides.

    The only reason I'm sitting at a gen with easy mode M1 gameplay is because you're stuck under hook or deliberately ignoring me to go for someone else.

    It's YOUR fault my gameplay is zero skill. That's one of the reasons people are so opposed to camping and tunnelling.

  • BrightWolfBrightWolf Member Posts: 227

    There is a definite difference between proxy camping and patrolling as well. Sorry, about to get anecdotal:

    I was in the EGC as Trickster and I managed to finally hook a David who had been annoying me all game for the second time, he played well ngl, he traded blows and pallet/hook saved his teammates etc. Anyway, I stepped away from the hook and went to smash a pallet at the other side of the room where he had tried to loop me and out the corner of my eye I saw Mikaela go for the hook save, I managed to chase her away. But I knew she was still in the area so I stood on the opposite side of the room facing the spot where she was crouched, eventually forcing her to leave due to David dying on hook and the ECG timer restarting. In the end game chat, she and David were brutal to me. Saying I was a bad player, missed most of my knives and face-camped him etc. (The other two teammates, a Nea (dead) and a Feng (escaped while Mikaela tried to make the save)

    Like, I was on the opposite side of the room and I was throwing my knives in Mikeala's direction, to remind her that I knew she was there and she was just better off leaving. From what I can tell is more like proxy camping or patrolling rather than actually standing in front of the hook. In hindsight, I probably should have made an attempt to down and hook her, but I didn't want to risk her getting a last-minute hook save.

  • BenOfMilamBenOfMilam Member Posts: 687
    edited September 30

    Deathslinger, Blight, Nurse, Wesker, Hillbilly, Spirit, Plauge, Oni, Pyramid Head, Trickster, Twins, Pinhead, Artist, EDIT: Huntress

    Bodyblocking, looping, chaining loops, Dead Hard, Head On, flashlight saves, Flashbang, 99 Sprint Burst, call outs in SWF, the dozens of techs that survivor has

    Compare your ability to play any of those killers or use those perk or techniques to someone that has played this game for thousands upon thousands of hours, then come back and eat your humble pie.

  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 6,278

    No way, I'm more skillful camping, because I don't even have to touch my mouse.

  • cburton311cburton311 Member Posts: 352

    Let's see off the top of my head.

    What skills does camping require? Must avoid falling asleep at desk waiting for survivors to deliver themselves to you. Must ruthlessly chase one survivor ignoring all generator pressure to achieve that survivor on a hook. And finally the camper must know how to pick survivor up off the ground and carry to a hook.

    Your right there are some skills there....they are just the feeble 2head skills.

  • XernotonXernoton Member Posts: 487

    Doing literally nothing isn't skillful. Try winning hard matches without tunneling and camping, that's what skill is.

  • DeathstrokeDeathstroke Member Posts: 1,616

    I feel number 2 should 1 or 2 kills with 9-10 hooks. That is obviously still much more skillful than bubba getting 4K with 4 hooks... don't you think?

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