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Camping Nerf Idea: Slowed Entity Progression?

So first of all, let me be clear that I play both Killer and Survivor. I hate camping, especially when it's done at 5 generators. You gotta get that 1 Kill, don't care if the other 3 survivors slam out the generators and 3 escapes, but you gotta get that 1 Kill even if you are making a miserable experience for one player.

So sure, it's a valid strategy, but why should it not at least be... a less desirable way to play? So my suggestion is to if you are close enough that you are losing emblem points, then the entity progress is decreased, like a reverse Monstrous Shrine. This way, those who truly just care about that one kill will still get it, but the killer will be incentivized to actually play the game and not just 'afk' by a hook.

It's like, you had a problem with the "AFK Pig" strategy, and that was fixed as it rightly should have been, so why not finally do something to fix what is essentially "AFK Hooks" (Bubba being the worst, there is NOTHING you can do to save someone being facecamped by Bubba.)


  • AbsolutGrndZer0AbsolutGrndZer0 Member Posts: 311

    Oh yea, I hate that too don't get me wrong, but that's also why a friend's idea that the killer loses all BP for the match would be absolutely bad.

    But as I said above, I play both Killer and Survivor, and I am not talking about what salty survivors cry that I am camping them in end-game chat. What I am talking about here is those that are actively facecamping and not even bothering to go look for others when nobody is near you. Like, use Starstruck as an example. If you are unable to get any value from Starstruck (whether you are actually running it or not doesn't matter in my case) you should not be standing at the hook.

    Maybe if other survivors are around the hook, progression goes back to normal? That way it wouldn't punish the killer for those dumb survivors that loop the killer around the hook (I HATE that as survivor, I've died on hook because of that.)

  • Hex_iButtHex_iButt Member Posts: 163

    Yeah, not giving the killer time to go search for others is definitely why people camp... A killer who wants to camp, will camp of their own choice. Whether its standing right in the hooked survivor's face, or if they're proxying the area. I ended up going against a Billy and a Pinhead, who just wanted to be with their hooked victim. Billy didn't know the killer assuming, as they did not use their chainsaw at all. The Pinhead even shook their head, denying a chase right in front of them as generators popped. They know what they're doing. They know what they want to do to win.

  • FeryGENFeryGEN Member Posts: 501

    How about insta mori (like tombstone) survivors that are pallet-looping next to a hung survivor?

  • LastchildLastchild Member Posts: 333

    Don't try to offer a solution to a problem that doesn't exist.

  • GandorGandor Member Posts: 1,368

    The problem is indeed real. And from what I see, there clearly are survivors that unhook to killer's face. But for each such a survivor - there are quite a number of killers, that decide to NEVER leave the hook. Not even for a single second. Alternatively there are a lot of killers (most notably huntresses), that actually go a bit away from a hook. But never far enough so that they can't get free-ish hit going for unhook and 100% not far enough to be unable to tunnel right after that - and I would say that for each killer that never leaves a hook, there are quite a number of killers that proxy-camp into tunnel like this.

    I mean - proxy camping at least gives hooked survivor 3 incomplete chases, so it's immediately better situation, but it's still very dirty/abusive tactics. Makes it pretty clear why a lot of survivors bring fully-stacked commodius with hyperfocus & stuff.

  • LastchildLastchild Member Posts: 333

    No, the survivors play hyperfocus because it allows you to finish a generator quickly.

     Their main objective is to make generators.

  • RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 4,292

    If players understood why other players make decisions then the game might be better

    Like if I camp... rather then explode in messages just simply ask why I did that

    Gens regression is weak (without perks)

    Quick saves are a thing... why would I (as Killer) allow that to be

    And I don't run Deadlock on every Killer... Corrupt is the only slowdown I bring (for the most part)

    Sure camping sucks... so does having 2-3 Gens pop in one chase (no matter how long the chase is)

    And certain Killers don't do good at Hit and Run (again without perks)

  • GandorGandor Member Posts: 1,368

    "so does having 2-3 Gens pop in one chase (no matter how long the chase is)" but this one got fixed. You see 3 gens pop at first chase about as often as 0 gens. Most of first chases end up in 1 or 2 gens completed (does not apply to campers for obvious reasons).

    About gen regression. Yes it is weak. But there are strong regression perks. Some killers can already protected their 3-gen indefinitelly. If you want to buff base kit, you need to nerf all of CoB, OC, eruption, PR and so on. One other thing to note is 61% so it's not like killers are hopelessly weak.

    Quick saves - agreed. Survivor's fault. But a lot of (and I would say at this point it's majority) killers will not give you single second when safe unhook can happen (I call safe unhooks those, that don't allow immediate unconditional possibility to tunnel right away. Alternative definition - where basekit BT does nothing and not just because killer decided to wait it out).

    Killers win 61% already. Survivors genrush to get their mediocre 39% chance. Everyone wants to win from time to time. But it's killers that can decide how nasty to play during match (instead of just in lobby - where killers get more info then survivors). If survivors go unprepared, they will definitelly loose. In fact, chances are they loose anyway (again 39%)

  • RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 4,292

    OK so even if 1-2 Gens pop... does that mean that the others aren't progressed at all or does that mean they are between 1%-99%

    Again I didn't run other Gen regression perks (for the most part)... as in me, myself and I... but I did experiment with running COB and Eruption before the perk change patch (on my main Killer... Pig)... So is that because Killers are extending matches by running Gen regression perks or is it MM in general

    Ok much appreciated... I though I was the only one

    Also... I haven't played the game since before The Dredge came out so I do need to play the game to get experience with all of changes and new stuff

    TL;DR.... BHVR needs to change players minds about Camping (and Tunneling)... but it doesn't seem likely (as of right now)

  • GandorGandor Member Posts: 1,368

    Depends. From personal experience it's most likely 1 full gen done by 2 survs. 1 half gen and 1 barely started gen. But it can be 1 started gen and nothing more (lucky spawn + good chase for killer + corrupted intervention did not allow anyone any quick gens), or it can be 3 fully completed gens and 1 or 2 started (horrible chase, survivors started spread out, no corrupt or effectively no corrupt because wrong gens blocked and chase went deep into corrupted gens). Both extremes being quite rare.

    Anyway I will give you the fact, that your life as a pig main is harder then for most killers. Still. If you have fun with her, then who cares that you can't compete with the very best? You will still get games that should feel nice (and they should not be very rare)

  • RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 4,292

    Yea... but again I haven't played the game for awhile so I have no idea how I'm going to do... LOL


  • AbsolutGrndZer0AbsolutGrndZer0 Member Posts: 311

    That's about as extreme on the other end as my friend's suggest to give 0 BP for a killer than 'camps' a survivor.

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