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For new nurse players

sorrowensorrowen Member Posts: 742
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I know nurse can be very frustrating to play at first given how her power works and you will often mess up blinks and likely get stomped your first couple of games. But stick with her and get a feeling for her and you will see what makes her the most powerful killer. Also don't use add on's until you have a feeling for her blinks and how far they go as they can mess up more often then not. However once you get her blinks down you can find your own personal add on combo I prefer the speed blinks myself which pairs very well with tinkerer but her range add on's are also great :) best of luck new nurse players :)


  • Thanks for the words of hope, I personally hate her gasping. Drives me mad.

  • sorrowensorrowen Member Posts: 742

    @MrChills said:
    Thanks for the words of hope, I personally hate her gasping. Drives me mad.

    She was a real pain for me at first as well :)

  • OnetrolltorulethemOnetrolltorulethem Member Posts: 16

    Probably the hardest to learn, but definitely the strongest once you've learned!

  • SamanthaSamantha Member Posts: 20

    Apparently she is much easier to use on PC than on console. I've tried her for daily rituals and such and just can't seem to do it well.

  • sorrowensorrowen Member Posts: 742
    On PC she is much smoother I agree on console she is awful.
  • DrDannieburgerDrDannieburger Member Posts: 57

    Ugh I've got 1600 hours and I hadnt touched Nurse at my 1400 mark. I've been trying so hard to learn her (maybe 50-70 hours worth?) and it's still ridiculously difficult. Sometimes I get stomped othertimes they get stomped. [BAD WORD] me she's hard to learn let alone master. I got the muscle memory down for the most part, sometimes I don't take the time to look where I'm swiping on my blink and just go with my gut. Doesnt connect most of the time.

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