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My complete list of PFP stereotypes

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I shouldn’t have to say this but this is a joke. Do not take any of this facetious thread seriously.

Jake: [BAD WORD] edgy.
Laurie: Thinks Killers take no skill and should be nerfed. Buff Exhaustion btw
Nea: The Lauries if the Lauries were somewhat decent at constructing arguments.
David: Much like David, they go fookin’ ded ‘ard.
Kate: @Peanits and nobody else.
Tapp: Survivor main with the opinions of a Killer main.
Ace: They’re there too, I guess.
Quentin: Precious. So precious. Don’t let them be exposed to the horrible world of the DBD forums.
Meg: BIGGEST brain. And my “biggest” I mean “please stop you’re embarrassing yourself”.
Dwight: Not too much, not too little—just the right amount of toxicity. insert pacha meme
Feng: Standard biased Surv main. Nothing special.
Bill: Like the Tapps except unlike them, who are a Surv main with the opinions of a Killer main, they’re just a straight-up ultra-biased Killer main pretending to be a Survivor main. That or they’re I N F I N I T E I Q Survivor mains.
Claudette: Surprisingly not as annoying as they are in-game.

Trapper: Basic bitches, probs still new to the game.
Wraith: Shy bois pls donate love
Hillbilly: Thinks Hillbilly takes high skill.
Nurse: The jazz fans of the DBD forums. Pretentious assholes who denounce everyone who isn’t a Killer main and think they know absolutely everything about the game. Completely obnoxious, stupid, holier-than-thou—Oh wait [BAD WORD]
Huntress: Thinks they’re funny but AREN’T BLOODY FUNNY.
Shape: Run-of-the-mill annoying Killer main.
Hag: Knows their [BAD WORD].
Cannibal: Much like their pfp, these guys are an absolute unit. They probably do the autistic screeching Bubba does in a chainsaw run when a Survivor doesn’t give them a free instadown.
Doctor: There are people with Doctor PFPs?
Nightmare: Most mellow bois on the forums. Bless these men. May they be given thousands and thousands of easy 4k’s.
Pig: Adorable.
Clown: Whomst the fucc is Clown

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