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Why Freddi Fish deserves to be in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

TheGameZpro3TheGameZpro3 Member Posts: 230
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History and Basic Knowledge

Freddi Fish was created in 1994 by Humongous Entertainment. She (for some reason some thinks she is a boy, she is a girl. just fyi) is a goldfish that solves mysteries like "where did the kelp seeds go?". She does this with her best friend Luther (Who is a boy) that is basically the comic relief character. She may be 4 years old but...

Why should she be in Smash Bros?

There are multiple spots that should be in Smash but aren't, that Freddi Fish can fill in nice and neatly.

  • Firstly, we need a Kids game rep (like, from a game made for smol children)
  • Secondly, to fill the Trio of common house hold animals (We have 2 dogs ((Duck Hunt and Isabelle) and a Cat ((Incenaroar), all we need for the trio of common household pets is a fish)
  • Lastly, we don't have a Detective. And that's basically what Freddi Fish is, a junior detective.

"But she doesn't have move set potential"

Congrats! you've just said 11 of the fighters shouldn't be in Smash Bros.
1. Ness (This is assuming it's only Ness, and not Eathbound as a whole. Ness only has healing moves, except PK Flash, and a baseball and Yo-Yo can't really make a good Earthbound character for Smash. He steals Paula and Poo's moves because "He was taught them outside of game".)
2. Fox
2. Captain Falcon
3. Ice Climbers
4. Falco
5. Zero Suit Samus
6. Lucas (Same with Ness except he steals Kumatora's moves and Dusters Rope Snake)
7. R.O.B.
8. Wii Fit Trainer
9. Mii Fighters (I could put this as 3, but I'm not cheap, SF and Brawler and Gunner I count as only one)
10. Duck Hunt
11. and Piranha Plant.
(Didn't put Villager on the list because there is a lot of items he could use, making him a unique fighter with move set potential in my eyes)
Freddi Fish can fire a slingshot, maybe use Luther (not like Rosalina & Luma or Ice Climbers. More like Peach and Daisy's down special where a Toad comes out and does his thing. except Luther will be seen next to Freddi at all times, so he isn't just plopped into existence) for a few moves, Throw Purple Urchins, Strangle her enemies with kelp, Use a magnifying glass to burn her enemies alive, .Use a fishing rod she got from a creepy crab in the first game.

Map and Skin ideas


I'm thinking of a traveling stage, travels from Freddi Fish's house, to the sunken ship, then to the schoolhouse, then back to Freddi Fish's house, repeat and repeat, ectara and ectara.


1: Default Skin.
2: Color swap (Freddi Fish has the skin color of Luther, and Luther as the skin color of Freddi Fish).
3: The Sharks (Freddi looks like the big shark, Luther looks like the little shark).
4: Putt-Putt skin (Freddi Fish gets the color of Putt-Putt, and Luther gets the skin color of Putt-Putt's dog ((added bonus, Luther gets puppy ears, just like the dog)).
5: The Octopus God Father and his cat (The octopus was from the first game, maybe the cat was in it to, but I only remember the cat fish the octopus was petting being introduced into the second game) (Freddi Fish gets the color of an octopus, and Luther gets the skin color of the cat ((added bonus, Luther gets Cat ears)).
6-8: (Couldn't think of anything else for skins 6-8 so they're just Smash Originals that make them Blue, Red, and Green.)

In conclusion...

Freddi Fish is arguably one of the most important and well known characters for the Children's Entertainment genre. She has decent move set potential and has a deep importance in some kids childhoods. She can fit the hole of the only 3 slots that (I think) are needed for Smash Bros. Detective, Fish (to finish the trio of common household pets), and a children's entertainment character. Plus, honestly it doesn't even matter people will still buy her just because she's a DLC fighter for Smash Bros, as long as it's a somewhat fair price ($5.99 for a character, stage, and lots of music tracks. yea I think that's fair and I can afford it). Humongous Entertainment also deserves one rep for being THE place to go for kids games, (Plus if we can have 18+ rated characters in a game for E (I think the rating was, maybe I'm stupid) Rated game, I think it'll only be fair if a 3-8 year old game character was added to, quote Thanos,

"Perfectly balanced, as all things should be."

That's not really a spoiler, just something to mention

Obviously this is just a joke. Don't take this to seriously. No, I do not know why Freddi Fish ever crossed my mind at all with Super Smash Bros Fighters, and do it enough for me to make a thread about it on the off-topic side of the DbD forums and on Smashboards (I'm NotAPro Bro on that site).

EDIT: I accidentally hit the POST button, this wasn't finished.
EDIT 2: Ok, I think this is good now.
EDIT 3: Don't know who you are stranger, but yay! my first "Awesome" (I think... don't think I got another "Awesome")

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  • PhantomMask20763PhantomMask20763 Member Posts: 4,091
    Ok I play Smash, yet I have no idea what you're on about 
  • TheGameZpro3TheGameZpro3 Member Posts: 230

    @PhantomMask20763 said:
    Ok I play Smash, yet I have no idea what you're on about 

    Well of course you wouldn't, I said I wasn't finished, I just accidentally posted it early. Probably still won't get it but at least I'm done with it now. (I don't know if that sounded mean, if so, sorry.)

  • PhantomMask20763PhantomMask20763 Member Posts: 4,091

    @PhantomMask20763 said:
    Ok I play Smash, yet I have no idea what you're on about 

    Well of course you wouldn't, I said I wasn't finished, I just accidentally posted it early. Probably still won't get it but at least I'm done with it now. (I don't know if that sounded mean, if so, sorry.)

    No offense taken lol
  • ClogWenchClogWench Member Posts: 1,566
    Pyjama Sam assist trophy 
  • TheGameZpro3TheGameZpro3 Member Posts: 230

    @ClogWench said:
    Pajama Sam assist trophy 

    Yes! Great idea, I love it...

    But what if Pajama Sam, AND Spy Fox, AND Putt-Putt, AND Freddi Fish (A very rare, and crap assist trophy, but it makes up for the fact she's playable) were all assist trophies!?!?

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