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We're gonna live forever bug

StruckStruck Member Posts: 11

It should say "Each time you safe hook rescue or take a hit to protect a Survivor," You guys added safe hooks why not utilize them for this perk instead of allowing farmers to exploit their teammates.


  • FrekiFreki Member Posts: 1,903

    why is this a bug? it is how it was intended, I would suggest this is better in a suggestion forum.

  • StruckStruck Member Posts: 11

    cause when they implemented safe hooks they missed updating this perk

  • SlaymoreSlaymore Member Posts: 486
    edited March 2019

    This isn't a bug but I agree - right now people sandbag just to get a stack on WGLF and it should only be a stack when the unhook is SAFE. I've mentioned this before as well but you can see they can't be bothered with logic.

  • SlaymoreSlaymore Member Posts: 486

    This is an obvious OVERSIGHT on their part - or you could call it an unintentional feature? Yes, I agree it should be corrected so people don't sandbag for their stacks.

  • HazeHoundHazeHound Member Posts: 814

    Its not a bug. But i agree, only safe rescues should grant stack.

    Safe hook rescue event is bugged tho as it often shows up after killer downed unhooked person literally seconds after unhooking. This is a bug.

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