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I created 2 killers and 2 survivors(only the perks and abilities)

-Since i started playing i hear killer ideas and survivors based on movies,but i made the killer and the survivor related.
-Idea for the killer:-Charles Kenn,an American cult leader that heard the voice of the Entity and wished to join the endless circle of pain,so togheder with his followers killed for years countless people to please the ancient god,but realizeing that all cant join the 'deaths heaven' so sudden the cult leader killer his followers and strangely disapeard,same for a young man investigate'ing them.And so The Cultist has entered the fog,not as one ,but as all the souls of the followers been merged into one creature,being between endless pain and joy for pleasing the Entity.
-Killer Perks:-Join Oblivion(as a survivor is hooked for 5/8/10 seconds the killer will have a 2 meter area in witch the survivors will have a slow rage'ing between 2/5/8%)
-As it Commands(Wile the survivor is hooked in the first stage a decisive strike like skill check will appear if missed the hooked time will be reduced by 10/15/20%)
-Game Changer(as a survivor is hooked 1 gen is blocked for 20/25/30 seconds and cant be used(the vault spike animation surrounding the gen),this can be random or based on the progression (20/35/50%).does not stack.
-Killer ability:The wepon choose by Charles is a Whip and a Spear.The Whip that has the range of a doctor basic shock(mid range with a double cooldown and a slow before (as Huntress aim for a succesful or unsucesfull hit(this is to balance the range).The Whip will charge for 1.5 seconds and hurt for 1 state and can be used with Hindered/Hemorage,Lower coldown for reuse,and better movement speed wile chargeing the whip.
-The Spear:As a survivor is killer or Mori-ed the Ocultist will gain 1 spear that can be thrown as a Huntress axe,if a survivor is hit the speak will go throw his shoulder and hit the ground(This will have a stun or be used as a HOOK(I let the dev's decide :D).
-Playstyle:The Whip charge has a problem With maps like Doctor's map so i though of have'ing a charge that dictates the distance/will be used for hunting but not as useful as a good team can block the upcomeing hits(an Purple/Iredescent Add-on can hit multiple people).
P.S.:I'l post the other 2 survivors and the killer later.
P.P.S:Those who read all of this say your opinion(i accept criticism):D.


  • DeathSparkDeathSpark Member Posts: 41

    -As for the look,i imagine it as the Ocultist from Darkest Dungeon with a backpack showing the spears made and or looking similar to the Entity claws (like those used to kill you in game).

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