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Michael Myers -no hearbeat some games

MarkOfTheMaraMarkOfTheMara Member Posts: 1

When a killer is close the survivors get the heartbeat and musical cueq, but on 2 or 3 games I have had recently, Michael Myers is totally silent. And in another game, I heard Michael, but a friend said they could not hear him even when he was chasing them.


  • PeasantPeasant Member Posts: 4,104

    Well if the Myers is in Tier I of evil within and they use Monitor and Abuse III then they can play with 0 Terror radius.

  • RockRage8962RockRage8962 Member Posts: 45

    Myers has a terror radius of ten meters when he's in Evil Within Tier 1. Most players who run Tier 1 builds for Myers also run Monitor and Abuse, which reduces the terror radius of a killer by eight meters, giving Tier 1 Myers a radius of 2, which is essentially when he's right behind you. It's a nasty build, but an effective one that does a good job at jump scaring you. Freddy using Monitor and Abuse with the Red Paint Brush add-on is even worse. His terror radius is sixteen, and is reduced by sixteen when running both said perk, and aforementioned addon. In the dream world, he can pop up behind you with no indication that he is present until he slashes at you. Both aren't bugs though.

  • SlaymoreSlaymore Member Posts: 456

    Just had one where there was no sound when he tiered up - no perk impacts that. Strange is that another match I heard it fine.

  • TheHourManTheHourMan Member Posts: 1,031

    While stalking he has no terror radius except in Tier 3.

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