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Single Player Offline mode (Story mode).....maybe.....no?

This game can easily have single player offline mode of some sorts, like these cuts scenes are awesome in my opinion of course and I would love this game to add something new to the game, bring in new people and gives you something else to do in the game.


  • EvelineEveline Member Posts: 2,340

    I don't think it is neccessary. Practice mode , that would be nice.

  • Maelstrom1313Maelstrom1313 Member Posts: 230
    edited March 2019

    That's similar to my suggestion of having a killer origin mode (if you wanna check it out https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/23163/new-mode-killer-origins#latest ) but it would be fun to have something solo...

    Also eveline KYF is basically practice mode as it has every perk, add on, item an offering for free just don't get any bloodpoints or shards

  • projecteulogyprojecteulogy Member Posts: 671

    KYF needs a massive overhaul as it is. You also cannot use KYF to test things out if you do not have anyone to play with you. Unfortunately i dont think they're going to dedicate any manpower to it.

    Now.. if someone in the community wanted to create something, like say a fog whisperer... the developer may back it and add it.. just food for thought.

  • mdg2018mdg2018 Member Posts: 153

    yes thats exactly what i mean, something like that or even something like chapter stories or something like using the style of animation and story telling they did for the halloween event. You could choose the story/ challenge side that the chapters killer or survivor. Like for example the saw chapter you pick Detective Tap and he is chasing the pig and is pulled into the entity realm and some challenges are you have to unhook all 4 of the pigs prisoners from the basement or something like that. Or like what you suggested a story seeing the origin or at least giving us some more info into the lore of the game besides reading the backstories.

  • mdg2018mdg2018 Member Posts: 153

    I feel an offline mode is necessary because it gives more to the game because honestly you can only do one thing in the game and thats fun and all but some variety wouldn't hurt. And for some people to think it's not possible it 100% is possible, because if the creative director wants it in the game and its realistically possible they will do it.

  • Maelstrom1313Maelstrom1313 Member Posts: 230

    See something like that would of been awesome just as a little extra or to why the entity picked them but guess we will have to wait an see if they see these posts an reply to one or make a comment on a live stream about it

  • ASurvkillivorerASurvkillivorer Member Posts: 1,610

    There needs to be a practice mode with bots. It could be beyond simple too.

    On console I would love being able to practice avoiding killer attacks. I suck at 360 and yet everyone else seems to be able to do it.

    Same for killers. Instead of hoping randoms want to practice with me when im the huntress we could use bots....

  • Maelstrom1313Maelstrom1313 Member Posts: 230

    See this is why we need to get our ideas out there an seen by mods, devs etc an the back up of the community an am not just on about my idea am on about all the ideas that add something extra to the game for different modes ie practice, story, origin, offline etc

  • mdg2018mdg2018 Member Posts: 153

    yea this is what we need if we can get mods to actually post these types of questions or ideas maybe the game can have more players join and maybe have more stuff for the fans to love

  • Maelstrom1313Maelstrom1313 Member Posts: 230

    Well hopefully not queen or someone will have seen these or a different mod an they have chatted about it or its in the background for now

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