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Statistics from 300 matches

CJsDBDCJsDBD Member Posts: 85

I started an excel spreadsheet on December 13th to keep track of my matches so I could learn if anything really affects whether I live or die in a match. No, I didn't record every single match from 12/13 to now because sometimes I was lazy and didn't feel like typing all the stuff in. But here's the most basic of what I've found after 300 matches. Keep in mind that I started right after legion came out, so the legion numbers are high and the Ormond numbers are low because that map was out of commission for awhile. Also the ranks are from 10-1 since rank resets are included, however the mode number of my rank was 1.

These are the statistics for me personally:

Average number of survivors to actually survive:

I also kept track of other things too but I'm still working on analyzing that stuff.


  • radioblurradioblur Member Posts: 23

    This is a pretty neat idea. I might start doing something like this!

  • DelfadorDelfador Member Posts: 2,553

    There is a massive difference between your stats and my stats honestly.

    I did the same thing and I hope I will share them with the forum soon enough. One thing I want to ask you is if you recorded perks that other survivors used?

    What I kept track of was my fellow survivors (if they are claudette, meg etc), their perks and the killers I faced.

    I have 250 screenshots and didn't get lazy and recorded all of my matches. Maybe I missed 1 or 2 but that's about it.

  • DelfadorDelfador Member Posts: 2,553

    I also want to ask if you play on console or PC.

  • DreamnomadDreamnomad Member Posts: 2,847

    Must be console with the number of nurses you've ran into. Otherwise I'd have to think that a lot of people exaggerate on the internet!

  • EninyaEninya Member Posts: 1,257

    So, it's not just me thinking Red Forest became incredibly rare to see in the wild now.

  • PoweasPoweas Member Posts: 5,873

    She's not a fun killer to play because once you master her, the constant 4 mans gets extremely boring. So she's not as common at high ranks on PC. You'll still face a few but not a lot. Killers like Billy are overused because he's fun to play.

  • DragonredkingDragonredking Member Posts: 874
    edited March 2019

    For your stat to be more relevant you need more info than that.

    You should had rank to compt the number of 4 escpae, 1k etc... for each killer

    And hell why not also add it for the location?

    If you are on PC or Console (if console wich one)

    And wich part of the world you are in

  • CJsDBDCJsDBD Member Posts: 85
    edited March 2019

    @Dragonredking @Delfador

    Good points guys! I play on PS4 on the east coast of the US. I kept statistics on each match as an individual, so i will be able to figure out which killer got more kills since i had recorded the number of survivors who escaped. For each match i kept track of whether i was sacrificed, morid, bled out, escaped through hatch, exit gates, or got a freebie. I recorded if i was in a SWF and with how many. I recorded the killers tier levels of perks. So for example if the killer only had one tier 1 perk his score would be 1, but a killer with 4 maxed out perks would have 12. I kept track of addon strength in a similar way. Green was 1, purple was 2, pink was 3 and i added them. I recorded my rank and the killers rank and if i was carrying a green or above toolbox, medkit, or key. I also kept track of which perks i was using. I was Nea the whole time.

  • CJsDBDCJsDBD Member Posts: 85

    I will eventually be doing regression analysis to determine if map, killer, killer addon strength, killer rank, killer perk levels, SWF, or bringing a green or above item has any influence on the survival rate.

  • Bravo0413Bravo0413 Member Posts: 3,628

    yeah there should be more info included.... not just heres my S/D ration.... I was killed more then I lived..

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