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New Mode - Killer Origins

Maelstrom1313Maelstrom1313 Member Posts: 230
edited October 2018 in Feedback and Suggestions
Firstly this is my first post on the forum so I thought I'd make it something good with a new mode...

Oki so I have thought about this for a while and how it would play out for the killer origin mode I have chosen 1 killer in particular as I think her backstory would be so good played out...

For my example we are using the grandmother of killing, the sweet and quiet Lisa Sherwood AKA The Hag. This would be and origin story played out of her walking through the woods and getting lost, banging her head and the 'cannabals' kidnapping her. When they are taken chunks of your flesh and cutting you to pieces you have to push through the pain to survive, having flash blacks of your home, the elders an what they showed you to help push you forward.  Once you have been beaten down to the point of death you make one last attempt to escape. Once you are free you, you make your choice of vengeance and use the charms you have been shown by your elders as you place your first charm it changes and becomes something not of this world and use them to your advantage. With each new charm broke you learnt to teleport to them and with each swipe you get my bloodthirsty by tasting the cannibals blood, each kill becomes your mori and as you finish slaughtering your captures as you exist the house this strange being called the entity takes you to a strange dark foggy place called the swamp, your new home... You are The Hag and all shall fear your name...

What do you all think?


  • fcc2014fcc2014 Member Posts: 4,388

    I like it and would add to the lore and may even make you more sympathetic to the character.

  • ShadoureonShadoureon Member Posts: 493

    So basicly campaign missions for each character? I like it. But dont think devs would do such a thing because they will never earn back on the time invested on it.

  • Maelstrom1313Maelstrom1313 Member Posts: 230
    Fcc, yeah that's what I was thinking that it would give more to the lore, as doing the example one of the hag that would definitely make me sympathetic of the hag.

    Shadoureon, yeah like small campaigns for either each non licenced killers or survivor's but I think would be more intresting if was mainly the killers unless then done one with Benedict.
  • aras1377aras1377 Member Posts: 56

    i think some gamemodes like white noise 2's gamemode would be good , for example survivors spawn they dont need to escape , their goal is to kill the killer, they have to use the Compass to search for some clues or parts or whatever to find the location of the weapon to destroy the killer and after they're done playing all of it they have the location of the hidden gun in the area and they go find it and try to kill the killer , and its not gonna be easy ,you know , to balance them game for both teams

  • chococrichococri Member Posts: 355
    I'm still waiting for that kind of mission in Overwatch. I can do that in this game too. This is fine. 
  • Maelstrom1313Maelstrom1313 Member Posts: 230
    I've never played overwatch but it would be nice if they bring this mode I to the game
  • thekiller490490thekiller490490 Member Posts: 1,165
    What if this gave you a turtorial on every killer at the same time? You mentioned that you would be learning her traps. (BWT Hag is amazing check out @SpaceCoconut for a awesome guide)
  • Maelstrom1313Maelstrom1313 Member Posts: 230

    That would also be another way at looking at having a origin mode. Also I only used her as an example an i am quite good with her but I'll check that out

  • Maelstrom1313Maelstrom1313 Member Posts: 230

    Oki so I've been thinking about my origin mode and thought I'd come up with some art to go with it.
    First piece is when Lisa has fallen in the forest jist before she was kidnapped and the 2nd is after been tortued and has escaped, waiting patiently for her captures to take her bait.

    Criticism welcome...

  • mdg2018mdg2018 Member Posts: 153

    so sad how true this is. But if in my opinion if enough people in the DBD community speak out about having an offline mode, challenge mode or mission mode or something like that, i think they would consider it bit will take a while though which is also the sad part.

  • Maelstrom1313Maelstrom1313 Member Posts: 230

    This is very true I guess only time will tell on if the community ask for certain modes enough cause if its just a few I don't think they would listen

  • projecteulogyprojecteulogy Member Posts: 671

    I'm not trying to give the devs any ideas, but i would actually pay for this DLC if it came with indepth game play and actual horror graphics, not this "ow i have a papercut from being on the hook" montage they have now lol

  • Maelstrom1313Maelstrom1313 Member Posts: 230
    edited March 2019

    Thanks 😀👍 it's nice to see that people could see it as a DLC, I have pictured it in my head on how it would play out am just trying to figure certain ways to make images of it what's not that easy haha...

    I do agree that with the right in depth an a actual real horror style to it that it would be a nice addition to the game an could bring in a new audience for it as well as rekindle the veterans of the game also

  • HazeHoundHazeHound Member Posts: 814

    The less is known about lore the better for game like DbD

  • Maelstrom1313Maelstrom1313 Member Posts: 230

    Not really as if it was better for the game they wouldn't have added to the lore like they have done when they added more journal entries an ones from halloween

  • HazeHoundHazeHound Member Posts: 814

    @Maelstrom1313 Yes, but those are answers which generate more questions. This killer origin mode would lift thee veil too much. Mysterious is exciting.

  • Maelstrom1313Maelstrom1313 Member Posts: 230

    Well unfortunately the devs think different about 'less that is known is better about Dbd lore' with new archive system that's coming in which I think is a great. I still think my origin mode would be fun for those would would wanna try it but the archive looks an sounds awesome from what's been show

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