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Please give the plague a cooldown after she uses her power or something

electricelectric Member Posts: 14

Corrupt purge is honestly kind of broken. The Plague can vomit right over almost any obstacle and if she has her corrupt purge she can vomit twice on you, without any cooldown and you're instantly downed. There's no counter to it.

Also, genuine question, is there anyone that's enjoying playing against this killer so far? Let's not talk about specific plagues we've played against, because some killers/plagues are better than others. But the whole infection thing gives a deep wound feel and I don't find her that fun to play against. So, honest opinions?


  • MasterMaster Member Posts: 10,200

    Yes corrupt vomit is really strong, but you can hide behind stuff and on the other hand, her normal puke is really really weak.

    Also survivors can choose to not cleanse themselves like vs legion and you will never reach the corupt stage.

    I personally dislike that delaying-game-stuff, it has started with pig, continued with legion and now the plague. I prefer playing (and versing) killers that have actual scary powers that hurt you and dont annoy you and force you to do sth else.

  • se05239se05239 Member Posts: 3,919

    Playing against the Plague is resorting to a no-heal playstyle.

  • lordhelioslordhelios Member Posts: 63

    Exactly, why heal when you can just drink from a fountain.

  • CaretakerCaretaker Member Posts: 764
    edited March 2019

    It's literally just Huntress hatchets that are arguably easier to dodge? Are you insane? Also, I have to waste time puking on you/chasing. Let you cleanse. THEN I can waste time going to the fountain wherever it is, drink. THEN I can use my ability. Assuming you don't LOS, sprint away, or loop me with a jungle gym, or hide out. Assuming you even cleanse cuz you can just rush gens and adrenaline seeing as illness doesn't do anything.

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