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The Plague is weak, but even worse, she's disappointing

HaraakHaraak Member Posts: 118

Well, first of all, a few things about me.

I'm a rank 1 killer, I main hag right now but I also play a lot with billi, spirit, and freddy, so I know very well the difference between good killers and bad ones. And now, Plague is not among the first ones. I'm also not native English, so pleas dont be rude with this :3

I was waiting this chapter very hyped. After the disapointed chapter X with this bad designed killer, I was specting a new main for the new one. When I saw the dev stream, I decided that Plague is gonna be my new main, and the first character that I prestige.

Well, they may change a lot of things before the realease.

For a second time in a row, they have made a bad designed killer, wich not only is bad, its also disappointing and she need to be played in a way that obviusly was not their intention (like the legion) in order to kill.

Why I say shes weak?

First of all, she has a mechanic that HEAL survivors. Sometimes I cant belive that this devs play their own game. Second, her power is too slow. You have to puke a lot in order to take them into the broken state, and then you have to hit them. First, you are easy to loop (even the puke). Second, it's too much time in order to do this. Whan the high tier killers have in common is that they can end chases quickly. Every killer should be able to make that, and thats not op (huntress is not as strong as nurse, and both them have this). Her second power needs be activated in the founts. If it is too far away, its not even viable, and at high ranks the survivors will not use them (more on that now).

Why I say she is disappointing?

Well, when I saw the devs stream, I was too hyped, wondering about that new killer spreading disease. As I told before, in order to have a chance to win, you need to tunel with your puke. Why? Because the illness is useless. The only good point for that is the broken state. At high rank the survivors will not even clean it, they will just genrush and use deadhard and adrenaline. You second power will be denied, and u will be looped until daylight.

Tell me this is not disappointing. Its suposed to be a priestess spreding a plague, causing the survivors to run away trying to clean it just like she did in her lore, fighting eachother for the founts, gettign sicker and sicker... but it doesnt do NOTHING. No slow action speed, not slow movesped, nothing. In the devs stream they said that living with the illness would be a really hard time. Really is this a hard time for you?

But the worst part is that the illness DOESN'T SPREAD. Maybe it's a bug or maybe I miss something but when you have a sick one on the hook and other survivors unhooks, the illness doesn't spread. I played a lot of games today and I havent seen the plague spreading between survivors even once, even when they get close. It is the deadly plague that killed Babylonia? Are you kidding me? I'm gonna think that its a bug because oh my god...

So, my suggestions:


Make the illness much more dangerous (slow move speed, losing control of the character, slow action speed etc etc) and make the puke a tool to deal with loops.

Remove the snare when u use the puke (or at leas when u cancel it with M1).

Make the illness MUCH more easy to spread between survivors and much more dangerous, being 100% necesary to clean it.


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