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It’s crazy how toxic people can be

KimKim Member Posts: 76

So i played a game as trapper on groaning storehouse. And everything went well until a meg started to run me around the storehouse. Luckily i put traps down and caught her in one of them, and i actually downed a david hiding nearby. I got 2 hooks and after this the game snowballed and i got a 4k and only 3 gems got done. I’m not the best player in the world and i was kinda proud of myself. So here’s were it starts to get toxic right, i play on console and not even maybe 5 minutes go by and i start getting messages about how bad of a trapper i am and they called me things i can’t even type without being banned. I reported them blocked them then deleted the messages. I already feel kinda weird playing this game in the first place due to my anxiety, but toxic people just make this problem worse. And i don’t feel like i played “scummy” at all i didint camp tunnel or anything. So if you finish a game today just say something nice in chat, or if your on console just send a nice message to someone.


  • GorgoniaGorgonia Member Posts: 1,173

    People can be horrible, and I thought Fortnite was full of odious kids... DbD proved me wrong.

  • TarveshTarvesh Member Posts: 765

    Accept their salt with pride. It means you did an especially good job an they’re just butthurt over getting stomped when they thought they were the most amazing player ever.

    I always message the killer before a game and wish them luck and hope to have a good game. Then send them a good game message afterwards.

  • EvelineEveline Member Posts: 2,340

    The more they rage the more satisfied you should feel for generating so much salt in them.

  • MasterMaster Member Posts: 10,200

    Welcome to DBD.

    If you decide to play this game as killer, make sure you block as much of the platform communication tools as possible (usually you dont need them anyway)

  • Shad03Shad03 Member Posts: 3,732

    Don't mind them calling you names and stuff. Makes killing em' way more fun. (In my case, giving them stab wounds for days)

  • Mr_KMr_K Member Posts: 7,314

    Lots of online games are like this. It should be expected at this point. Even PvE games have their toxic players. Being that you are on console sucks a bit. The Xbox for one has a rep system that toxic players are abusing.

    Try to ignore the negative players and continue to report the abusive ones like you did here. Don't let them get to you. Toxic players are not worth the anxiety.

  • MasterMaster Member Posts: 10,200

    I have played a lot of online games, but DBD is the only one where receiving death threats is actually a common thing.

    Other games are called toxic because you get blamed if you do mistakes, but DBD takes toxicity to a whole new level

  • SlothGirlySlothGirly Member Posts: 1,146

    I have the same thing dude, I get serious anxiety while playing this game, normally from games not going my way or when people message me; one thing I will say though, is that over time the anxiety wares out. Once you hit that point you may find yourself looking for people to message you, and if so for sure invest in LeatherFace, he's a top tier salt miner, once you play the game there's nothing they can report you for and sony doesnt ban or restrict people from sending in reports once they are genuine.

  • BigBadPiggyBigBadPiggy Member Posts: 678

    Welcome to DbD!

  • RoKruegerRoKrueger Member Posts: 1,371

    You are a killer. You should feel noting but contempt for the pray. Keep making you and the Entety proud!

  • Dwight_FairfieldDwight_Fairfield Member Posts: 5,548

    Its Dbd. It has one of the most toxic communities you'll ever see on a game. Just reading around these forums will tell you that. Don't let it get to you. A-holes will be a-holes.

  • GrootDudeGrootDude Member Posts: 14,112

    You may wanna turn messages off if they make your anxiety worse, I don’t feel like everyone is understanding he doesn’t want hate-mail since it makes his anxiety worse.

  • GamzelloGamzello Member Posts: 828

    I have anxiety and I used to have the same issue whenever I played killer. People would send me hate, send spam messages once I sacrificed them, and many other things.

    I remember I had to close my messages to only have friends message me. Only instead these people went far enough to add me and write a message down literally doing so much effort just for that.

    I turned it back to public because I realized that these people are literally getting mad at someone over a game and going out their way to harass you/others.

    In my opinion the best thing to do is ignore them. They don’t know you; and you don’t know them. It’s obvious to see what kind of person they are anyways for them to do such a thing.

    I ignore the notifications I get from this game and this game only. I just want to do whatever and have the best experience I can in DBD, so I hope this didn’t ruin the experience for you!! See you in the fog.

  • GrootDudeGrootDude Member Posts: 14,112

    My anxiety is not as bad as some others, I actually like hate-mail. I suggest you Ignore then like @Gamzello said.

  • radioblurradioblur Member Posts: 23

    Online players can be the WORST! If you do bad, they message you awful things. If you do good, they message you awful things. That kind of stuff just happens. And yes unfortunate. I have had to block players before because they wouldn’t stop messaging me. Right now I have it set where only friends can message me and only friends of friends can send me a friend request. Maybe that’s an option you can use? I know it’s not viable for everyone. If anything, just try to ignore it! Leave the group and block the player if necessary. Just try to enjoy the game as best you can and know not all us players are toxic! :)

  • ASurvkillivorerASurvkillivorer Member Posts: 1,509

    I REALLY don't know what it is about this game.

    I know what you mean about the anxiety too. It isn't that I fear any of these people. Its just I would rather not have some mentally disturbed persons attention.

    I was playing earlier against a team where at least 2 of them were together. Both using No Mither which is a horrible perk idc what anyone says. The one tea bags me at one point so at that point what happens happens. I still played open as I am actually trying to learn how to chain attacks as Legion and try to make myself feel like I actually like their power. At one point this guy goes for a terrible unhook for his friend. I was totally expecting him to have BT but I down him. What happened next?

    There has to be a way to mod the console apps or something. This guy sent me HUNDREDS of party invites. HUNDREDS. He didn't stop sending them the ENTIRE duration of the match which was ironically 8-10 minutes because I kept being fair as hell to the two remaining people. Allowing them to unhook then chasing the healthy one. Once the match ended. I noticed he had been messaging me the entire time too. Dozens of messages absolutely furious that I "tunneled" him. I blocked him...instantly starts doing it from another account and tells me if I block this one he has more.

    The moral is. I did NOTHING to this guy and he was willing to invite me to a party hundreds and hundreds of times. There is no WAY he could've been doing that manually? Usually I would engage in some back and forth. Where I usually poke holes in how ridiculous some salty survivors act GENUINELY angry you're not losing on purpose etc. But this guy was on another level. I don't think its over either as he will obviously get a temp coms ban (at least) from what I reported him for. They seemed crazy enough to come at me later for it too.

  • NoShinyPonyNoShinyPony Member Posts: 4,570

    Some people in this community behave really bad. Either you can laugh about these messages and report them or you deactivate messages.

  • PiiFreePiiFree Member Posts: 1,149

    People can be as toxic as they wish, there won't be consequences as long as they do it via steam and not ingame. That's why they leave comments on your profile, screenshots, artworks or even your friends profiles. They won't get punished if they insult you that way.

    It's ridiculous but what's even worse is that people actually look at it as a completly normal thing and you as the victim have to adapt and learn to deal with such a level of toxicity. This is what our community has become to already. If you get deathwishes, it's normal and should be expected, people gonna tell you to "not be a pussy and learn to deal with it".

    And that's why this community is the most toxic one I've ever seen.

  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 21,675

    Report and block. Do not engage them in any way.

  • OrionsFury4789OrionsFury4789 Member Posts: 637

    If you're on PS4 go to your privacy settings and turn off messages from anyone but friends , it's almost a must when playing this game

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