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I hate the new Decisive Strike



  • LowSodiumLowSodium Member Posts: 26

    New D-Strike is pure BS. Hooked survivor rescued, nearest gate is opened. Down the survivor. In 60 seconds, survivor will EASILY be able to crawl out of the gate. Someone else runs in to heal them, so I hit them instead and knock them down and put them on that same hook. If I camp, I get punished even more harshly now. So, I move away, someone saves, and the saved person BODY BLOCKS for the one who saved her, litterally won't let me around until I hit them down. Want to wait it out? Okay, run back to the first one, catch her just before she makes it into the gateway. She insta dstrikes, and out she goes, nothing I can do about it.. The other one has made it a good way, I let her get to the last possible moment to let the obvious DS time out. Pick her up, instant DS and out.

    This is fair exactly how? Everyone now gets the WORST POSSIBLE D-STRIKE, and it's unresolvable unless the killer camps... but oh, we're going to punish that harder and harder because it's bad behavior on the killer's part.

    Just change the name to "Survive Easily and Without Skill by Daylight" already.

  • The_ManletThe_Manlet Member Posts: 474

    It's much better than the largely uncounterable Decisive Strike we have had for over two years. Many people will choose not to use it, since killers will be conditioned to play as if every survivor is using it anyway.

    The only real problem with anti-tunneling incentives is that, most of the time, the guy who just got off the hook runs out into the open while the rescuer is Solid Snake. Am I supposed to just pretend I didn't see the unhooked guy? I tend to run Make Your Choice, and even then I only go after the rescuer if I can immediately see him. If I only see the unhooked guy, he's going back on the hook.

  • SprinklesSprinkles Member Posts: 249
    edited March 2019

    Slug if it bothers you, it's still a Survivor disabled for a time. Sure they could have tenacity & unbreakable but those are two perks that can easily be wasted, 3 perk slots used up in the idea of avoiding being tunnelled. So could be no Iron Will, Self Care, Sprint Burst, Deadhard, Balanced Landing, Adrenaline.

    DS already saved me a number of times in the PTB (Unhappy Campers/Tunnelers) unbreakable/Tenacity combo not as much.

    For a 3 perk combo like that to avoid you tunneling & slugging them it can be an utter waste of 3 perk slots and serve to benefit decent killers who don't have to tunnel or hang around the hook to win. As they only end up needing to deal with 1 perk rather than 3.

    Imagine that.. a single useful perk for a Survivor while the other 3 are wasted due to the killer not camping, tunnelling & slugging.

  • The_CrusaderThe_Crusader Member Posts: 3,688
    edited March 2019

    I haven't been hit by it since the ptb started. Granted not everyone is taking it like before, perhaps half of that is due to a lot of people sing Jane and they don't have it unlocked yet.

    I've only had 1 situation where I would have been hit by it too. When I had 2 survivors on hook and 1 free, I down the free survivor as she unhooks 1 of them, I had them both down by spraying the corrupt purge on both as they unhooked. I would have had to wait 60 seconds in that scenario if she had it.

    ^i dont normally hit people as they're unhooking though. That was purely because it was the last survior left.

    It seems a lot better than before. A [BAD WORD] lot better!

  • SprinklesSprinkles Member Posts: 249

    I wasn't hit by it either, but i've only had about 6 games in the PTB due to the 30min wait with her, but a few of them did have it, i just don't tunnel and was only practicing the shots i could make.

    Yet as a Survivor i used it a few times due to the fact killers were tryharding it, camping due to "gen rush" and tunnelling the first person he hooked.

    Had Killers with mori's too, might aswell make use of them since you don't lose them from your account eh? They would soon complain if Survivors came with a full set of BNP's and flashlights.

  • meinhitemeinhite Member Posts: 7

    In the high rank, new ds became stronger.

    This patch is wrong.

  • LowSodiumLowSodium Member Posts: 26

    Yes, it's still a disable, but once the generators are all done (and maybe even gates open) that's far less relevant. The duration of the DS stun means that anyone downed off the hook as they're fleeing toward an open gate has a very high chance of making it out (based on percentage comparisons of base speeds). Killers will have to decide if they want to risk if the survivor has DS, getting a guaranteed escape if they're within range, or if they want to spend time waiting for the survivor to get past the 60 second mark... IF that doesn't afford them ample time to crawl out of the gate. Adding Tenacity to this equation expands the area the survivor is able to successfully execute this from even farther. Who cares about unbreakable? You can pretty much guarantee you'll get out as long as you get hooked nearish to a gate just with DS, and from even farther with Tenacity (assuming a slower killer.)

    DS has always been an incredibly unbalancing perk. I have far less problem with it getting used early in game. But this change compounds the problem massively in the end-game, and that's where smart survivors will save it for. And now everyone gets the purest, most toxic version of the perk. But now, as a killer, you have zero counter, and zero way to plan for it. This is simply not remotely fair to killers, especially in the end-game.

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