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Infinite loading when trying to purchase auric cells (Purchase processing forever)

UwUUwU Member Posts: 50

Before anybody tells me to confirm support, I've contacted both Steam Support and DBD Support and they've both been useless essentially. I know nothing more about my issue and it hasn't been resolved slightly. All I know is when I try to purchase auric cells through the in-game store, it shows me the purchase processing screen infinitely and I have to close and re-launch my game to resume playing.

I have the money on my steam wallet, and the package I'm trying to buy is the £15.26 package, I have £20.00 of steam wallet on my account, and I redeemed it through a steam wallet code. I haven't tried purchasing anyhting else to see if it's a steam or DBD issue, however, steam support told me it wasn't an overlay issue.

And when I started the support ticket, it said that the purchase "failed", but nothing more. Thanks for any information!


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