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  • WolfPad06WolfPad06 Member Posts: 182

    Why wasn't Vile Purge given the ability to Hinder/Reduce action speed instead of simply hurting (with broken as bonus)?

    Would fit the killer a lot more and make her power a lot more interesting.

  • DwightisopDwightisop Member Posts: 3

    Are The Plague perks final, or will they be receiving updates as time goes?

  • MonsterInMyMindMonsterInMyMind Member Posts: 2,167

    What is the point of changing the rank system when you guys have made it clear you want to balance around casuals.

  • GonzolaxGonzolax Member Posts: 41
    edited March 2019

    Will the ability for survivors to get fully healed on the fountains be removed on the full patch?

  • RedTailRedTail Member Posts: 15

    Does the plauge involved in a romantic relationship with any other male killer character? (Like you said about nurse and wraith)

    Thanks for answering

  • Mr_Jay_StarkMr_Jay_Stark Member Posts: 539

    Can you confirm if the plague is the tallest killer?

  • Angelicus23Angelicus23 Member Posts: 2,460
    edited March 2019

    We're having more and more characters and is hard to gain bloodpoints to prestige all of them and make everyone have all the teachable perks. Will be new ways to get bloodpoints easier?

  • not_Queefnot_Queef Member Posts: 482

    I love the way that Adiris speaks during her mori and when being stunned.

    Who voiced the character? And will any future killers have spoken lines, too?

  • WixlylWixlyl Member Posts: 1

    A few months ago you said that none of the killers will speak in the game, only if it'll play a role in their powers. So why did you decide to give lines to Adiris? Not only in the teaser and during her mori, but just random times during the match. Don't get me wrong, I like it, but it's quite surprising.

  • EninyaEninya Member Posts: 1,257

    How tall is our new barf-y waifu?

  • curvyfleakillacurvyfleakilla Member Posts: 1

    when do you think chapter 11 will be released on ps4 i hope it comes out this month

  • xmenfanaticxmenfanatic Member Posts: 813

    Do you plan on unlocking parts/adding more to the current maps in the future? In example making it so killers and survivors can make it up to the third story of the meat roasting hut in the red forest?

  • xChrisxxChrisx Member Posts: 917
    edited March 2019

    The new map seems like red forest 2.0 i was waiting for a new map not a remake like happened for the clown too. Why this poorly map design? Can a map be changed in future with the lore?

  • OMagic_ManOOMagic_ManO Member Posts: 3,278

    (This is not a question but they already addressed this, it was a language but now it's an out of date, unused and extinct language).

  • MemeMeme Member Posts: 275

    Question: Can you please make Fire Up gain a stackable bonus of 4% for each generator popped instead of the 3% implemented in the Ptb? Many people still find it a underwhelming perk.

  • BongbingbingBongbingbing Member Posts: 1,423

    What was the reason for the DS Stun to not be effected by Enduring?

  • BigBadPiggyBigBadPiggy Member Posts: 678

    Was the Plagues power always meant to be her spewing vomit? Or were there other ideas that you had for her power?

  • ZagridZagrid Member Posts: 997

    Is there an issue with the ranking system making it much harder to pip than intended?

  • skynightskynight Member Posts: 38

    What is the roadmap for the realms, maps and tiles themselves?

    At the current rate of one new map per chapter, it would take 5.25 years to give all current, non-licensed realms the same 5 maps the original realms enjoy. 13.5 years, including all licensed realms. On a side note, I enjoyed seeing new tiles for Red Forest’s Realm and wonder if this may be part of this future?

  • iamAlpha800iamAlpha800 Member Posts: 135

    Have you guys played The Plague with a controller for consoles? Is it easy to control the vile/corrupted purge with controllers?

  • NinjaeyesNinjaeyes Member Posts: 1

    Will you be changing the Calm Spirit to affect the scream from illness and Infectious Fright or are those not affected?

  • KingBKingB Member Posts: 747
    edited March 2019

    Will there be any other moris that change? I love that if you mori someone with corrupted purge it changes the color!

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  • ArtangelsArtangels Member Posts: 23
    edited March 2019

    Any lore based awnser for the fact that Adiris is able to speak and others can’t?

    Thanks, love her design :) ♥️

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  • MeritMementoMoriMeritMementoMori Member Posts: 5

    Dear Developers, I have a short question. Because of the recent decisive strike change, will Dying Light get modification (like a slight buff or some effect changes) to combat it?

  • SmokePotionSmokePotion Member Posts: 1,089

    Are you still planning on nerfing Spies from the Shadow into being a worse version of Whispers?

  • SorenSoren Member Posts: 369

    What was the decision making behind the change of Fire Up?

    From a late game perk, it ended up switching to an end game perk (nerfed for the mid-late game, buffed for when gens are powered) while still being heavily outclassed by NOED and Blood Warden.

    Are you planning more improvements to this perk, after monitoring how well it will be received?

  • PatBrutalPatBrutal Dev, Community Manager Posts: 566

    I'm closing the thread, thank you for all your questions <3

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