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QoL for Dark Devotion and Infectious Fright

ShakiiShakii Member Posts: 15

I've played a few rounds of killer and have some observations regarding two of The Plague's perks.

  • Dark Devotion

I don't know if this is due to the known issues in the patch notes regarding this perk and other obsession perks, but I have no way to tell when it activates. I can just assume that it turns on when I hit the obsession, but there's no way for me to confirm that they are actually carrying the terror radius. I keep glancing at the perk icon, and while I sometimes see a timer, I cannot tell if it's ticking because the perk is active, or if the perk is cooling down. Would it be possible to have the perk meter slowly empty when the effect is active, and then have it fill back up while on cooldown, similar to something like the Spirit and Legion's power bars?

  • Infectious Fright

No comments on this balance-wise, but I'm not hearing the survivors scream when I down someone. No one's carrying calm spirit, and I end up spinning around in a circle looking for auras whenever I land the second hit on a survivor. Maybe this is just an audio issue, but if the perk says the survivors scream, shouldn't they do so? I even see them play the screaming animation if they're close enough. I didn't see this in the known issues section, but forgive me if I had missed it...

One more thing is that screaming seems to be synonymous with revealing your location, rather than your aura. When in madness tier 3 or when hit directly by a clown bottle, a bubble shows up over the survivor's location. I get that this perk would be weaker if it only revealed the survivors' locations at a single point in time, but the inconsistency jumped out at me.


  • ShakiiShakii Member Posts: 15

    Now that the change has been made so that Infectious Fright reveals locations instead of auras, I'm noticing that it's triggering off of dead survivors too. When I down a survivor, I see the location of all the corpses within my terror radius.

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