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Bemedict's Disciples

ACoolNameACoolName Member Posts: 177

So I've seen a lot of people here that are really interested about the lore.... so i really wanna make a group for all of us Entity Theorists.
If you want to create a group, please comment here.
the group will take place on Discord and these forums.

I believe that we can even crack the Anniversary crypt if we work together.
so are you ready to become one of Benedict's Disciples?


  • PridePride Member Posts: 3
    I think we should start with a steam group, easier that way to post stuff with screenshots
    And TheBretzel needs to be there
  • PridePride Member Posts: 3
    Anyway i'd say keypoints to start gathering clues would be
    1 items descriptions, Wiki notes even
    2 full explorarion of maps,
    3 charachters bio
    4 possible secret prompts
    5 devs hints

    And the starting questions should be
    1 where (the realm)
    2 What (are we doing)
    3 Who (is shaping the realm)
    4 why (these guys were chosen)
    5 when (timeline)

    We should start with questioning everything
    We thought correct, so to give us a solid start, and at the point proceed with different theories til One After the other is proven wrong
  • AnIntellectualCloneAnIntellectualClone Member Posts: 118

    If you do make a Discord server, count me in.

  • ACoolNameACoolName Member Posts: 177

    @Pride only if we have a good amount of members
    only two or three can't really do anything.

  • scoobydoomhscoobydoomh Member Posts: 47

    I'd be down for that.

  • TheRealHansGruberTheRealHansGruber Member Posts: 204

    lets do it guys, ive already found a bunch of stuff in game that i would love to know more about

  • KurisKuris Member Posts: 191

    Im down

  • RattmanRattman Member Posts: 1,194

    I`d like to join

  • TLE_ZekarisTLE_Zekaris Member Posts: 11

    I´d join too.

  • ACoolNameACoolName Member Posts: 177
    edited July 2018

    I believe we have enough members to join now.
    I'll make the discord group, just please give me your number or name

    here's the link to join the server : https://discord.gg/9PzdbaZ

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