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Rank 1 Killer Streaming

LegitAdventurerLegitAdventurer Member Posts: 505
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So I stream pretty casually, mainly when friends ask me too or if im really bored. I watch a bit of streams for DBD and enjoy watching killer > survivor streams. What is your preference?

From what I've noticed, more people stream survivor more than they stream killer. I enjoy watching/playing killer alot more and was wondering if anyone else felt the same way that I do. I've been thinking about streaming gameplay more consistently, whatever consistency means lmao. Would anybody be interested in watching me get teabagged at every pallet? 😂

Psn: LegitAdventurer

Twitch: LegitAdventurer

Feel free to add me for some SWF games or some KYF games! I'm always down for a good challenge.

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  • LegitAdventurerLegitAdventurer Member Posts: 505

    Thank you to the dev who moved this thread to the correct spot! You're the real mvp.

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