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Pig and Wraith - Aura Reading Immunity

Im just tossing the idea and see what others think. The way I see it, Pig while crouched and Wraith while cloaked should be immune to aura reading the same way Myers in tier 1 and Freddy are. To a certain degree, I understand why its like this. Myers has reduced movement speed and [BAD WORD] lunge. Freddy has dream transition. On the other hand, Pig can jump on you out of nowhere if you are not paying attention. Wraith... is just Wraith.

But they each have their respective downsides for their stealth powers as well. Pig has a crap camera angle and reduced movement speed (and the roar..., if you are going for ambushes). Wraith has a longish uncloak time, can be stunned/lightburned and (without add-ons) his bells gives him away if you are nearby.

At least for the sake of consistency. For a long while, as a new player, I assumed Wraith was immune to aura reading because of stealth (but to be fair, there were less perks back then).


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