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Forum post changes

I don't like this. i don't know what you are shooting for here, but you've bugged the crap out of the forums.

Now when I quote someone, it takes up most of my reply box, and doesn't even show me what the person said. Half the times I can't even type anymore, and I have to back out and finagle things.

It's nice you are updating things, but you might wanna start with your massively massively out of date main website, which is still showing the latest patch notes as being from the summer bbq event that was before i even started playing.

Seriously that thing is massively out of date. And this change to the forums needs to be fixed.


  • se05239se05239 Member Posts: 3,385

    Also, you don't get notifications anymore.. even if you quote someone. You have to manually "@" someone for a notification now.

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