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Survivor sees Mori: *disconnect sound plays*

DocOctoberDocOctober Member Posts: 2,230

Without fail, for the past 2 months, whenever there's a Mori in the game (let's be honest, no Killer uses the Shroud), there is a guaranteed disconnect. Sometimes during the loading screen, often times during the initial camera panning, and sometimes mid-trial.

Those Survivors should honestly grow a pair. It's a Mori, not an automatic, guaranteed death sentence, it has requirements that must be fulfilled in order for it to be used and those can be avoided, and/or circumvented.

You aren't just displaying how much of a coward you are in face of that Add-on, you're also being a dick to the Killer who doesn't get to use their Offering (what is it you guys keep saying? I brought this and that into the game, so it's OK to use it? Well, who'd have thought you guys have double-standards /s) and especially towards your fellow Survivors, especially the poor solos that already have it more difficult from the get-go. Whenever I'm playing Survivor myself and hear the DC sound go off during the camera panning and then seeing that 3 Survivors now have to complete 5 gens against a Mori Killer, I'm not mad at the Killer for bringing the Mori, I'm mad at you for being a quitter.

Seriously, pull yourself together, grow a pair, and stop disconnecting because of a Mori. Everyone else would thank you for it.



  • EvelineEveline Member Posts: 2,340

    Killer should play by survivor rules or you get dc.

  • HoodiedHoodied Member Posts: 9,878

    @DocOctober Back when I played trapper, I ran an ebony, and one person disconnected, then when they saw it was trapper another dc'd, then I downed a feng and they dc'd, leaving a meg to do 5 generators, I let her live, I ran my only ebony on trapper and let the survivor live

    I agree, to those who DC from a mori are just afraid to get killed

  • PetraaahhPetraaahh Member Posts: 207

    I've been morid (moried?) A few times recently and been in games where others have before me, honestly I always find it kind of fun I play this as a horror game and get immersed in the game and just take the death laugh about it and move on

  • twistedmonkeytwistedmonkey Member, Trusted Posts: 3,937
    edited March 2019

    Moris put more tension in the game now and again, it's so rare I come accross one and I just have to play more carefully.

    They won't change though until dcing gets more of a punishment and I dont think that will happen till dedi servers come about.

    I still think it should be done on a timeout basis as those who do can simply join the next game and ruin it for others again and again, stop them playing for a while and maybe they learn it's not worth it.

    Yes they can still kill themselves on the hook but that still take more time than press escape and leave.

  • Karl_ChildersKarl_Childers Member Posts: 669

    It’s probably going to get a lot worse after the DS nerf. I think a lot of people are going to protest against OP crap like Ebonies and certain add-ons. I mean, if we’re being honest, these things should’ve been dealt with along with ds. I think survivors would’ve been more accepting to the nerf.

  • HoodiedHoodied Member Posts: 9,878

    Ahm, DS is weaker now so you can deal with DS, literally cleanse totems, and Mori's have some pretty cool animations to watch while you die instead of seeing a giant spider kill you because your teammates did generators instead of help you

  • projecteulogyprojecteulogy Member Posts: 663

    The mori is the killer's equivalent to survivors BNP. Though, the BNP was given a dirt nap by the devs. The problem isn't the mori mechanic. The problem is the abuse of the mechanic. Ebony Mori + Ruin + Lullaby + Dying Light = tunnel fest. Throw a half decent billy or a really good nurse and you're not going to generate hardly any blood points.

    The new DS change won't deny someone a Mori since you have to be hooked, unhooked, and downed again after so many seconds in order for it to even be available. Once down, you're toast.

    I mean, this could be like back in the day where an Ebony Mori could be used once you down someone, hook not needing to be involved. Now survivors don't have any true second chance perks. Just slug the obsession and put a timer on your phone lol no more problem with DS. Killers asked for a nerf, now you will have a Deliverance Unbreakable DS Iron Will meta.

    The Mori is the only mechanic that doesn't have a direct counter. DS, NOED, Hex Totems, all perks have counter perks(for the most part). Hell, they finally changed Calm Spirit to help counter doctor's kit.

    In fact, i've NEVER played a game that involved a green or ebony mori that the killer didn't tunnel their asses off. Its also extremely rare that killers take a Mori and don't run a toxic build(1 shot huntress, etc). So survivors DC because they don't want to get tunneled down without earning anything. I personally don't care and often just stand there. I'm going to depip and not get hardly any points anyway but i'm not going to DC over a mori.

  • NMCKENMCKE Member Posts: 7,287

    Am I the only killer who uses shrouds to pretend that I have a mori? Seriously, it works because the survivors act like I'm the Nurse.

  • The_CrusaderThe_Crusader Member Posts: 3,688

    " it has requirements that must be fulfilled in order for it to be used and those can be avoided, and/or circumvented."

    Basically "don't get caught".

    If it were as simple as killer mains made it sound where all 4 survivors could avoid being caught all game then they would be here begging for buffs and complaining the game is too hard. Sometimes [BAD WORD] happens.

    If you at least had 60 seconds to get away from the hook, heal up and try to play cautiously it would be something but you know full well if you go on that hook the killer isn't going to go far, they're going to hang around the hook so they can mori as soon as you're pulled off.

    It wouldn't be as bad if they were less common than they are. Sometimes you have a long day at work and you just want to chill out. You try to play a game of survivor and first game - mori. Finish that, next game - mori. This isn't an exagerration either its happened to me plenty of times. I either stick to killer then or turn the game off. There are just too many moris floating around out there.

  • KebekKebek Member Posts: 1,638

    I feel tottaly same. Mories don't equal instant win. They are very powerful but they make games more tense which I love about survivor experience.

    We really need harsher punishment for dcing. Right now it feels like whenever anyone wants to dc they can not matter how many other players they screw by it.

  • cetruzzocetruzzo Member Posts: 323

    some players do not play to enjoy the game, they just play to win. I always find funny how at rank 1 they just rush gen and leave, like you have accomplished something in life. Everyone gets less BP and less fun, whats the point?

  • brokedownpalacebrokedownpalace Member Posts: 5,345

    That's funny because without fail any time I've played a Mori I haven't gotten a single DC. In fact, as killer I get a DC probably 1 out of every 20 matches. Even when I play Legion it's not a problem. When I play survivor DCs have been a lot less common lately too.

    I also rarely go up against 4 DS, another popular complaint around here.

  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 15,916

    I rarely get survivors DCing when I play killer, but they DC a lot when I play survivor. I also get 4 DS a lot as killer (obviously not as survivor because I don't use DS).

  • SadonicShadowSadonicShadow Member Posts: 1,146

    Could not agree more with this. Honestly the best way to stop people from disconnecting when they see the killer brought a secret offering is to actually make it secret and not show they brought an offering in the first place.

  • malloymkmalloymk Member Posts: 657

    I think mori should be part of the game, but not an offering. Just give a token for each survivor first hook. When you have hooked everyone once, you can use 1 mori. Promotes better game play as it rewards killers for not just tunneling the same player until they're dead.

  • NMCKENMCKE Member Posts: 7,287

    Honestly DCing and dodging are both BS. They need to be punished more often in my opinion because it punishes players who just want a game.

  • EvelineEveline Member Posts: 2,340
  • HeroLivesHeroLives Member Posts: 1,710

    So many people dc against a mori at the loading screen Bc survivors deem them cheap and unfair. Especially considering all the survivor nerfs because they are “game changing”, which is fair. However, what’s not fair is a mori Bc they are also game changing, not to mention the lobby dodging.

    Most survivors dc when they see a mori Bc if most killers weren’t taking people out after their first hook it would be different. They aren’t though. They use a mori and tunnel.

    survivors used to put up with it Bc we had powerful stuff too that we knew was cheap, but since all the survivor changes and an untouched mori ,survivors aren’t having it anymore.

    mories wouldn’t be an issue if the majority of killers used them to replace last hook, but they don’t. That’s what survivors hate. We like the cool animations too.

    I have a friend who is a top survivor , and top killer(dude can land nurse blinks and down survivors in 10 seconds flat in a chase). Honestly he’s probably one of the most talented survivor/killers I’ve ever seen. Anyways he is so killer sided where opinions fall , and even he refuses to go up against a mori Bc how broken they are and the way MOST killers use them.

  • brokedownpalacebrokedownpalace Member Posts: 5,345

    I usually see survivor DCs when they are caught within the first minute or two of the match. I definitely see more survivors DC when I'm playing survivor than when I'm playing killer (ratio wise, since I play survivor more). As killer I like to do fun or unique builds so I rarely use BBQ, Nurses, NOED or Ruin. Maybe that's why.

  • KagrenacKagrenac Member Posts: 773

    I agree with the NOED and DS but you can't argue Mori's aren't broken.

  • PigNRunPigNRun Member Posts: 2,428

    I got a Kate who DCed the other week because she missed her Dead Hard on the first try (I didnt even swing). So, players will DC for anything.

    Personally, I dont care. I would rather enjoy the animation than get salty I was taken out of the game earlier.

  • MasterMaster Member Posts: 10,206
    edited March 2019

    Just wait until dedicated servers are here. This should enable the devs to actually identify the DCing idiots properly and punish them really hard (aka instant punishment, queue time penalty etc).

    If they still dont punish DCing after dedicated servers have arrived, then this game is doomed. im actually surprised how many players are willing to wait for matches when its a 50/50 coinflip whether the game will be ruined by another DC

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