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Survivor anti-mori offering

Made a post that got people talking but a better suggestion than what I suggested for mori balance was an add-on for survivors that prevents being moried. It would give mories some counterplay and gove survivors another veryrare add-on to replace banquets.



  • JoannaVOJoannaVO Member Posts: 747

    The most efficient way of not getting mori'd is either fix the generators fast with Prove Thyself or just don't get found. Most mori's I see ingame are green ones anyway so they're not as hard to avoid.

  • PetraaahhPetraaahh Member Posts: 207

    I've said this in another post and I'll say it again items that exist for the sole purpose of negating the effect of another item is not good design

  • AcromioAcromio Member Posts: 1,450

    Sure, as long as Killers get an offering to make survivors start the trial already hooked.

  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 7,053

    My issue is more that such an add-on/offering is a complete gamble to use and is much more often than not going to be less useful than using almost any other add-on/offering.

  • SprinklesSprinkles Member Posts: 249
    edited March 2019

    That's the killer, not the mori.

    I've been in plenty of matches where a survivor had a key and never got to use it.

  • Ramxenoc445Ramxenoc445 Member Posts: 540

    Well if only you guys were there to combat the other people saying this would be a good idea.

  • aarongaiaarongai Member Posts: 124

    Moris reduce Survivor's lives from 2 to 1 and there's no counterplay to them. They give Killers an advantage that Survivors have no answer to, and Moris aren't even tied to a perk or add-on; they're just offerings burnt so Killers don't sacrifice any add-on or perk slots using one.

    It directly aids in completing the Killer's main objective of the game. Should offerings really allow a powerful advantage like that? Imagine the complaints Killers would have if there were a Survivor offering that instantly set a generator's progress to 25% per offering burnt. There's nothing like that for Survivors, and there shouldn't be, just as there shouldn't be Moris that are tied to offerings.

    And don't tell me that a little extra fog or a little extra space between hooks are as impactful as being able to outright remove a player from the game. For Survivors, The Shroud of Binding is perhaps the closest thing to the unfair advantage Moris provide the Killer, and I'd gladly delete that if it meant Moris weren't offerings anymore.

    You can keep the Moris in the game, but they should be implemented in a different way.

    inb4 "git gud" doctor image (if you say this, you're basically telling everyone who's ever been the victim of a mori offering that they suck at the game).

    inb4 "survivor main tears" (I play both sides and moris always result in a 3k or 4k for me as killer)

    inb4 comparing survivor items to mori offerings (they're two different categories, you can't compare them).

    inb4 "it's ultra rare, that makes it okay" (just like those ultra rare insta-heal add-ons for the medkit, right? Also there's a more common green mori offering too, you know).

  • SlayerSlayer Member Posts: 1,148
    edited March 2019

    Dont give a reason for killers to take mori. I often see people bringing toolboxes into trial as if it wasnt already fast to fix god damn gens. Why some do that? You want killer to bring op [BAD WORD] and end game in less than 3 mins?

  • Saint_UkraineSaint_Ukraine Member Posts: 943

    No. Mori's aren't even that good. Uncommon is unlikely to get used unless you decide to sweat for a 4k. Rare can only be used on a single survivor that has been hooked. Ultra Rare, while being a tad cancerous, costs a good number of bloodpoints and getting a 4k with a mori will not get you as many bloodpoints as a 4k achieved via hooking. And you still have to earn the mori via hooking.

  • MisterTIBSMisterTIBS Member Posts: 70

    @aarongai - killer is one player, survivors are 4 (well, prior to this patch at least), so 4 survs can take an insta-heal each, along with their Borrowed Time, Adrenaline, and all that other crap.

    As a killer player, I'd be happy for there to be an item which countered a Mori, even if only just for the first unhook so survs would need to be at least to 2nd stage, though tbh that should be the case anyway.

  • aarongaiaarongai Member Posts: 124

    I guess you didn't see my "inb4 comparing survivor items to Mori offerings" point.

    Perks and items Should have a significant impact on gameplay, but offerings should not. Or at least not as drastic as cutting survivors' lives in half.

    Borrowed Time, Adrenaline, and anything else are just perks. Both sides always have access to perks, so it can't be argued that one side has an unfair advantage in that regard. Whether they're balanced or not is a discussion for another thread.

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