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Best and worst maps for each killer...



  • EvelineEveline Member Posts: 2,340
    edited March 2019

    I like everything except asylum and farm.

  • The_CrusaderThe_Crusader Member Posts: 3,688
    edited March 2019

    Trapper - The Game

    Wraith - Rotten Fields

    Hillbilly - Lerys

    Nurse - Rotten fields/Lerys

    Doctor - Rotten fields?

    Leatherface - Rotten fields

    Hag - Azarovs/red forest (both huge)

    Pig - autohaven (harder to sneak on, lots of pallets)

    Clown - Rotten fields

    Spirit - Rotten fields

    Freddy - ?

    Legion - Rotten fields

    Huntress - Lerys/Rotten fields

    Myers - Rotten fields

    I sense a pattern here.

  • thesuicidefoxthesuicidefox Member Posts: 8,227
    edited March 2019

    Lery's and Haddonfield are generally the worst maps for killers. Lery's is a minor exception since some killers with specific builds are actually very powerful on this map.

    @The_Crusader Rotten Fields really isn't that bad. If you are corn blind yea it can be bad but if not it's just fine. If you really have trouble, Shadowborn and Stridor both help immensely in corn. Tall killers generally have an easier time too. The only 2 killers that are super weak to corn blindness are Nurse (because fatigue) and Hag (because short). I never have a problem with corn outside of those 2. This coming from someone that plays on console too.

    Trapper is, IMO, the only killer with no "bad" maps. Some maps are good for him, while the rest are mostly neutral only because he can preemptively shut down the strongest loops with well placed traps. He's the only killer I would say is neutral on Haddonfield because he's the only one that can stop Balanced Landing loops at the houses which destroys most other killers, and he can make those narrow paths by fences/hedges very unsafe with traps. Not to mention, he can totally lock down the Myers house with traps if he basements you.

    Huntress is the most map dependent killer, she's like the opposite of Trapper. Some maps are neutral while the rest are bad. She doesn't really have any "good" maps. Haddonfield, Lerys, Game, swamp, forest, family residence, they all kinda suck for her because she is the only legit slow killer in the game.

  • PigNRunPigNRun Member Posts: 2,428

    For Clown, Lery's is far worse than Rotten Fields.

  • Warlock_2020Warlock_2020 Member Posts: 1,868

    Any farm map for any killer for me. I'm severely colorblind, so farm is insane. I have to hunt like a T-Rex, looking for motion. Swamp is not much better, then again, the lower floor of Game is rough too.

  • AjritokaAjritoka Member Posts: 599

    The Trapper is very powerful on Haddonfield because of the tight walkways and his ability to make some 2nd story windows useless because the Survivors can’t get to the rooftops without going through a window and being caught.

  • Dwight_FairfieldDwight_Fairfield Member Posts: 5,584

    As a Myers main I will say Coldwind. Corn blindness makes it tough to tier up. Though saying that I don't think many killers thrive on Coldwind apart from Hillbilly.

  • TheHourManTheHourMan Member Posts: 1,052

    Tall killers do pretty well in rotton fields because the survivors have no cover or loops to use in the corn.

  • KimKim Member Posts: 76

    I play a lot of trapper and i would say the Game is definitely the worst map for him.

  • KaalaxiKaalaxi Member Posts: 176

    Best maps:

    Trapper: Haddonfield

    Wraith: Lery's/The Game?

    Hillbilly: Rotten Fields

    Nurse: Torment Creek/Coal Tower

    Huntress: Blood Lodge

    Doctor: The Game

    Hag: Haddonfield/Coal Tower

    Shape: Ironworks of Misery

    Clown: Rotten Fields

    Spirit: The Game?

    Legion: Torment Creek/Rotten Fields

    Nightmare: Wrecker's Yard/The Game

    Pig: Wrecker's Yard/The Game

    Cannibal: Rotten Fields

    Worst Maps:

    Trapper: The Game

    Wraith: Blood Lodge

    Hillbilly: Lerys

    Nurse: Lerys

    Huntress: Lerys

    Doctor: Blood Lodge

    Hag: Rotton Fields

    Shape: Lerys(without mirror)/Yamaoka Estate

    Clown: Lerys?

    Spirit: Rotten Fields

    Legion: Yamaoka Estate

    Nightmare: Bloodlodge/Rotten Fields

    Pig: Wretched Shop/Groaning Storehouse

    Cannibal: Lerys

  • Jacoby2041Jacoby2041 Member Posts: 841

    This may be an exception but I've actually had some good Billy rounds on Haddonfield. The houses and ledges are annoying as hell but I can get creative with my chainsaw pathways sometimes

  • The_CrusaderThe_Crusader Member Posts: 3,688

    Interesting you say that. I'm colourblind too (though not severe) and I'm also cornblind. I wonder if that adds to it.

    I feel like sometimes theres no point me even playing on rotten fields. If a survivor gets a bit of a distance and arent wearing bright clothes they can just completely disappear on me.

  • EvelineEveline Member Posts: 2,340

    Scratched mirror Myers on Lerry's. So much fun.

  • HazeHoundHazeHound Member Posts: 814
    edited January 2020

    The absolute worst is Wretched Shop for Pig. She is literally the only killer that cannot do anything on this map. Double window means loops for days. Tall grass has such lenght that prevents Pig from seeing anything while sneaking but at the same time she is visible from afar. Tons of pallets and possibility of spawning multiple maze tiles right next to each other isn't helping either.

    Hillbilly doesn't have bad map really, but in my experience The Game is kinda the worst. You can chainsaw arround on lerys on the outer corridos across entire map with easy, if someone is hiding in a corner you can bodyblock them. On The Game however you cannot really zoom arround the map bcoz of its design and its very unlikely that survivors will go into dead end (unlike Lerys where dead ends are randomized). Rotten fields doesn't hurt him either, great mobility.

    Haddonfield when people have balanced landing is a nightmare for anyone but good Nurse or Trapper (Hag kinda too).

    Huntress is good on maps with low walls loops (Autohaven, Crotus Prenn) or open maps (rotten fields, shelter woods).

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