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Well so much for the Thanatophobia buff...

The_CrusaderThe_Crusader Member Posts: 3,688


Barbecue and Chili and Hex: Ruin had adjustments to their Tier 1 and tier 2 values to make them more similar and appealing to their Tier 3 counterparts, the Tier 3 of these perks should be the same as they are currently live, Thanataphobia’s value changes will be reduced for this patches release to 3/3.5/4% stacking up to 12/14/16% instead of 4/5/6% going up to 16/20/24%. 

Live - 6/9/12/15%

PTB - 6/12/18/24%

New values when the patch drops - 4/8/12/16

So it's 2% weaker on the first survivor, 1% weaker with 2 injured, equal with 12 and 1% stronger with 4 people injured.

Since it was mostly 1-2 people injured/dying/hooked throughout the game this perk is now worthless I think it's safe to say.

Back to Ruin?



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