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Thanatophobia buff idea.

Make this similiar to the Leader perk, Affects all the survivors action speed like repairing, opening the exit gates, cleansing totems etc. except the healing action. This would force the survivors to heal first before doing any other action.
New values:
14/17/20/23 Tier 1
15/18/21/24 Tier 2
16/19/22/25 Tier 3


  • xeravxerav Member Posts: 115

    Imo nerfing Self Care to double the time of healing yourself would also buff Thanatophobia. Atm SelfCare saves so much Time for the Surivor Team that Thanatophobia has very little uptime. So while buffing the numbers would help the uptime of Thana would still be very low.

  • NMCKENMCKE Member Posts: 7,277
    edited March 2019

    Yes, this is what I'm talking about, but I don't feel like a perk should force a survivor to do something. They should have a choice and as such, the numbers shouldn't be too extreme.

  • NMCKENMCKE Member Posts: 7,277

    How would this sound?

    At tier 3, the values are 5%/10%/15%/20% and if there's no healthy survivor remaining, great success zones will be replaced by good success until a survivor heals to the healthy state. I know my version has a higher percentage at tier 3, but I forgot to do the math on how much that actually is to be honest.

    20% increases generator repairs times to 100 seconds, a 20 second increase with no bonus zones.

  • IhatelifeIhatelife Member Posts: 4,520

    Interesting change... definitely better than mine. But how the hex ruin would work with this?

  • Mister_xDMister_xD Member Posts: 4,788

    they basically just nerfed it from even weaker numbers than your suggestion.

    i doubt this is gonna happen ,even though i would have loved to see the 24% penality...

  • Kind_LemonKind_Lemon Member Posts: 1,268
    edited March 2019

    I’m more interested in seeing it work like leader as well:

    Thanatophobia: In the presence of injured allies or manifestations of death, your prey find it harder to push on. For every injured ally or killer’s belonging within a 10/12/14 meter radius of a survivor or in that survivor’s line of sight, that survivor receives a 6/9/12% penalty to all actions.

    Note that this would apply to hooks, traps, and totems. It wouldn’t be the same perk we have today, which is in a strange too weak but could be too strong position, but it sure would be a lot more interesting. :D

  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 6,526

    I like the changes. Also make sure it counts dead survivors finally as well, that just never made sense that they weren't counted.

  • RaptorrotasRaptorrotas Member Posts: 1,999
    edited March 2019

    @Kind_Lemon emon So make a killer perk a radar for totems, why do killers need to equip perks for survivor problems again?

    Thanatophobia is no problem therefore needs no solution.

    If durrvivors want to spend a minute healing "because of thana and sloppy", even though Selfcare is the problem, then thats on them.

    Sloppy butcher and thanathophobia AT FULL POWER (!!!) somewhat turn selfcares' efiency around, meaning it'll ne faster to get help or a medkit instead of selfcare ( we all know know that normally SC is "faster"than getting help)

    Survivors can see this coming thanks to their debuff warnings too

    If Survivors let Thanatophobia reach full power, they weren't interested in healing anyways.

  • MarvettMarvett Member Posts: 159
    edited March 2019
  • Kind_LemonKind_Lemon Member Posts: 1,268

    @Raptorrotas , Thanatophobia is currently a very weak perk that is popular because it is the only perk other than Ruin that can make a survivor nowhere near the killer perform under a noticeable debuff. It has to be weak because otherwise Thanatophobia becomes overly oppressive (as there is no counter on the part of an uninjured survivor).

    The point of the game should not be a one-sided onslaught of attrition, which is what you think Sloppy Butcher and Thanatophobia are meant to create. It's honestly unnerving how little you care for a survivor's diversity of gameplay. My proposed version of Thanatophobia uses a range of game mechanics already present to achieve a stacking penalty (punishing careless survivors) rather than an increase in numbers.

    I am well aware that my proto-Thanatophobia would indicate if a totem is nearby (if there is not also a hook, trap, or injured teammate in the area). That is, unfortunately, the definition of a killer's belongings*. It's not as if I said my idea was perfect.—it's on the forums because:

    1 - I'm not a developer

    2 - This is the place for discussions and sharing ideas constructively (which is already hard given that there is no "sort by upvoted" option which results in far too many repeated threads. That was perhaps the biggest thing I was looking forward to getting out of an official forum—a way for coordinated, organized community feedback, and it's not really that possible by nature.)

    3 - It's an idea not finalized

    I think the current Thanatophobia could be made much more interesting and interactive than what we have today, and that's why I put forth my thoughts.

    My post ends here. For more rant-y stuff, continue reading.

    • * And anyway, totems honestly look like they were purchased from your local hardware store. What is that little red tag on every totem anyway? And why doesn't it burn since it looks like plastic? Is it ceramic, then? Side note, if survivors kicked totems, what would happen? Would the hex perk exist but in some mutilated form that is half-formed? And what exactly are the survivors doing when taking totems apart? Are they abrading the bones so much that the totem collapses due to weakness?
    • ** Also, the Temple of Purgation should definitely have more hook spawns in addition to it's max hook limit increased. To have the annoyance of taking a long time to hook survivors on top of dealing with the rest of the map is tiresome.
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