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Exactly why are survivors sent to the realm?

HoodiedHoodied Member Posts: 12,965

Is it because some are full of hope?

Or is it something more


  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 21,675

    It is indeed because they're full of hope and never give up. Apparently, taking someone from our world requires a decent amount of effort from the Entity, so She only takes those She deems a worthy meal.

  • HoodiedHoodied Member Posts: 12,965

    @Orion thanks, but Jane sorta, contradicts that, she did not seem to be full of hope,

    also The Entity is female?

  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 21,675
    edited March 2019

    I'd say it takes a strong will to keep going despite all the crap she went through.

    Well, I consider She is due to various reasons, one of which being that, in French (the devs' native tongue), nouns have genders, and the French word for "Entity" is female.

  • Mc_HartyMc_Harty Member Posts: 3,293
    edited March 2019

    I wouldn't just say Hope but strong emotions in general. Ex - Quentins hatred for Freddy, Janes parental issues, Megs dream of becoming an athlete... The same is on the killer side as well.

  • Detective_JonathanDetective_Jonathan Member Posts: 1,165

    Whether it's the determination of hunting down a serial killer, the stress of being a talk show host and still finding a way to keep going strong, being a country girl singer and being an inspiration to those across the world, or even just being a schoolteacher in Japan.

    No matter who you are or what you do, if you show some sign of strength, or some sign of happiness in your life, then you are ripe for the taking.

  • SnikersSnikers Member Posts: 64

    I believe it's stated somewhere that the Entity can exert power - such as kidnapping people - only in areas where great violence has occurred. This factors into a lot of killers' backstories, but very few survivors'.

    Some people theorize that the Entity takes dead people, which is most strongly implied by licensed characters: Bill and Tapp are definitely dead in their own canons, while Laurie was canonically dead when the Halloween chapter was released (but the Laurie we've got is younger than the one that died in Halloween: Resurrection, so that's confusing). Adam and Jane were also taken from what seems to be the moment of death. In contrast, Kate and Quentin were explicitly taken alive, but both were in areas where the Entity had more power than usual; Kate was implied to be at a place where the Entity had already exerted control, and Quentin was in a dream - at some point, the Entity's domain was suggested to be in a place outside of reality "that humans can only access by dreaming".

    The Entity feeds off of strong emotions, so it's possible that the Entity picks survivors that are passionate and determined, since their hope will burn the brightest and longest. It's also possible that they're just in the wrong place at the wrong time, and that there's plenty of "survivors" that we never see because they burn out after only a few trials and are discarded to the Void.

    Oh, and Behavior has explicitly stated that the Entity is neither male or female. They just use gendered nouns (in French) or slip up on the pronouns sometimes (in English) because there's no such thing as a genderless noun in French, which is the mother tongue for most of them.

  • aderpymuffinaderpymuffin Member Posts: 97

    Unlike the killers, survivors are not chosen specifically. While killers are chosen for doing horrible things or willing to do it; survivors are chosen at random. If the entity sees an opportunity to grab a survivor right before an impact that could kill the survivor it will. Or, if it sees a survivor alone it will grab them. But the most common way to get there is by walking into a forest alone. Previously the survivors got there by going into a very specific forest that the entity had a connection to. It is only after getting many more survivors was the entity able to collect survivors and killers from all over the multiverse AND time.

  • bubbascalbubbascal Member Posts: 318

    You are my role model.

    Literally every single thing you said in this comment. Agreed. It's true. I support it! 👌

    I need a source on that last bit, specifically to use against Orion and for my war on "She" Pronouns-Entity. 🤣

  • MandyMandy Administrator, Community Manager, Co-ordinator, BHVR Posts: 19,636

    Going to remind everyone to refrain from any personal attacks, you are free to disagree but attacking forum users personally will get your posts removed and your forum account sanctioned.

  • SnikersSnikers Member Posts: 64

    I don't approve of message board vendettas, but in the interests of cataloguing information, here's my citation for genderless Entity:

    Jump to 23:04 if this link doesn't retain the timestamp.

  • Detective_JonathanDetective_Jonathan Member Posts: 1,165

    Which is why it states on the wiki that she is potentially of a female gender, the devs didn't want to explain it simply because Gender is already a controversial topic enough.

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