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Top 5 most hated killer to play against



  • MarvettMarvett Member Posts: 159





    5:Smart Spirit

  • vampire_toothyvampire_toothy Member Posts: 381

    1. Trapper (not because he's good, I just don't like looking at the ground the entire match and my eyes are horrible)

    2. Doctor (just annoying)

    3. Legion with Frank's Mixtape or Double Cooldown (Normal Legion isn't too terrible for me)

    4. Nurse

    Can't really say that any other killers annoy me in any particular way.

  • PlippyPlippy Member Posts: 187

    Only 2

    Trapper because I hate being worried about being trapped. Which is clearly the point but no sir, don't like it. :P

    Other is Legion because I'm mostly saying "Dude, bugger off!" during the match. Not really scary, mostly irritating.

  • OGlilSPOOK20OGlilSPOOK20 Member Posts: 716
    edited March 2019

    1. Leatherface (because of his Rep.)

    2. Hag.

    3. Trapper (same Rep as LF but with Noed.)

    4. Huntress (because of hitboxes or "latency.") 😒

    5. Spirit (prayer bead Spirit to be honest.)

    I actually like playing against Nurse for a challenge and Myers is literally the only killer in the game that's actually scary (in my opinion.)

    Not gonna say Legion because we all know that killer needs a rework and Freddy is annoying but very easy to abuse.

    The rest of the killers are fine.

    Honorable mention if I could choose a 6th killer. 6. Wraith (invisible camping Wraiths that tunnel the unhooks.)

  • SuperPrincessChaserSuperPrincessChaser Member Posts: 107

    In no order, also on PS4; (also PS I am not a great Survivor yet, still working my way to it, was a Killer main early in my time)

    Legion - Just can't do anything to stop him/her and s/he'll get you if s/he wants you. Best you can do is try confuse him/her when s/he's using his/her power.

    Wraith - I know he's a lower Ranked Killer by most people, but I just can't seem to do well against him. I am still getting the hang of looping as I mostly played Killer in my early time so I can't really just loop him constantly. When I PLAY as Wraith everyone seems to have all the time in the world to get to cover when I am uncloaking, for me I always seem to be caught out in the open even if I see the bloody guy early.

    Spirit - Me no mindgame Killer good.

    Pig - Now Amanda is one of my favourite Killers in the game, to play that is. She would be fine to play if it wasn't for all the players I run into. They always camp or tunnel. Which is baffling for Amanda. Whole point of the Traps is to waste time, something that they can't do if you just tunnel the person wearing them.

    Shape - Myers is one of those Killers that shouldn't be too much of a problem but he always gets the jump on me. Now, he is rarely a game ruining Killer to go against...unless a Tombstone is involved...then it's just plain unfun.

    Now, honorable mention - The Hillbilly/Cannibal. I used to hate these guys, still SORT of do and it was mostly because of the fact that everyone only uses the Chainsaw which is super annoying and unfun. Even playing as them i hate doing this, but playing as them more i realized that they sort of need this as every other Killer has something else going for them when they don't, other than Billy's mobility. So I don't mind them anymore, just get a little annoyed is all.

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