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Good job on the frame rate with 2.6 (Xbox One X)

EasylifeEasylife Member Posts: 163

Jusr reinstalled the game after about 3 months away and the frame rate is significantly better than it was the last time I played which was around the time Legion was brand new so about 3/4 months ago now.

It's not quite 60fps with 2.6 even on the 1X but it's much better than it was before, I'm actually optimistic that you can get it to run at 60fps on console now given the performance from the game I just played.

Admitedly it was Hillbilly on Coal Tower which is easy for the game to run, I haven't tried say Doc on Red Forest for example.

Think I'll start playing DBD again while waiting for world tier 5 to be released on the Division 2 :)


  • EasylifeEasylife Member Posts: 163
    edited March 2019

    Just played Trapper on Coldwind and when it's down to 1v1 the killer frame rate feels like the tutorial, 60fps.

    If you can just squeeze some more optimization out of it I'd say the game running at 60fps regardless of killer/map and player count is certainly doable, at least on the X1X anyway.

    Now to try Doc on a map like Haddonfield or Red Forest and see if the freame rate tanks :P

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