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Toxic tendencies that go ignored

grim1grim1 Member Posts: 6

So, for the first time in a long time looked at my activity feed in steam and noticed quite a few toxic comments in my feed that were dated over multiple months. One user took it to the extreme and left several toxic posts over multiple days, all being referencing DBD. While this never affected me (because I don't look at my feed) and I reported it to steam, I also figured I'd take the time to report it to DBD since this user stemmed from the game. I took the time to read faq and rules and found this line here.

"We do not control anything that happens outside of Dead by Daylight.

This includes private Steam messages/groups/names, PS4/XBOX messages, Discord messages, Twitch/social media interactions, etc. Anything that occurs on these platforms must be reported to the respective authorities."

While I can understand that as a developer you cant go through every single case and look at external sites.... however, I cant not understand the neglect of having at least some kind of knowledge of repeat offenders who aggressively seek out player profiles, streams, or personal profiles for the sake of giving their two cents.

Am I wrong?


  • HavelmomDaS1HavelmomDaS1 Member Posts: 1,948

    I like salt/tilt/toxicity cuz its entertaining and has more variety than DbD itself lol

  • EninyaEninya Member Posts: 1,127

    I don't have a comments wall on my profile and got told that it's, "basically private". lol

    You can always disable all of that stuff and disable non-friends from sending you [BAD WORD]. I usually hoard hate-requests for funzies, and did that for years in League of Legends.

  • grim1grim1 Member Posts: 6

    By no means am I saying that upset players who message me in anyway get to me. I guess my whole point is that if it doesn't happen on dbd then it doesn't exist to the developers, which i find to be an odd view.

    I don't know I guess I see it like the equivalent of two siblings who punch the snot out of each other... and as long as it doesn't happen in the house, the parent turns a blind eye...

  • thestonedonethestonedone Member Posts: 19

    To be fair getting salt is a part of gaming i agree it goes to far sometimes but if killers didnt camp/tunnel then there would be less salt directed at killers equally survivors shouldnt be over the top toxic as thats what starts camping rage quits etc both sides are to blame and both sides are killing the game they enjoy playing

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