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Weather conditions as a possible offering

Has any thought been given to possibly adding a variety of weather conditions levels into the game such as heavy winds and rain that could effect the movement of both killer and survivor at different times during gameplay? Other conditions could be thunder, lightning or dust tornados as options for offerings that could serve as distractions or benefit for either side. Just something I've been thinking about as of late. What do you think?


  • SamanthaSamantha Member Posts: 20

    I'd genuinely like to see a thunderstorm at the institute

  • RareRare Member Posts: 37

    I like the idea but just visual. I wouldn't like to be moved by a tornado or something like that (as survivor or killer).

  • TohmoTohmo Member Posts: 244

    I'd love the aesthetic of it, but it sounds like a frame-killer for low end devices. Maybe have a setting to disable it? Idk..

  • FibijeanFibijean Member Posts: 8,337

    As noted above, it would be a bit of a framerate killer. Also the title of your post seems to suggest that you want this implemented as an offering, not just an across-the-board enabled thing. I can't see the devs implementing that for the same reason they removed the moon boquets which affected lighting - namely, that it interferes with the balance and intended design of the map.

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