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What are your favorite survivor and killer builds?

Hello DbD forums, what are your favorite builds to run on survivor or killer? And tell everyone why! Id like to try out some fun new things :>



  • ZiNcZiNc Member Posts: 244
    edited May 2018

    I tend toward a standard build across both sides:

    Iron Will, Quick and Quiet, We'll Make It, and then some filler depending on SWF or not

    Monitor and Abuse, Knockout, Whispers, BBQ&C

  • MalachiTheNurseMalachiTheNurse Member Posts: 3

    For survivors with the latest emblem changes I go for a mix, so I use Self Care, We'll Make It, Sprint Burst and Bond...2 perks for myself and 2 for my teammates.

    For killers I always run builds to ensure a 4man...so I run BBQ, Whispers, Ruin and Make your Choice on most killers

  • TheMatthewLeeTheMatthewLee Member Posts: 25

    Survivor: Adrenaline, Self Care, Sprint Burst, Urban Evasion. It's a typical survivor build, but I like it.
    Killer: BBQ and Chili (for bloodpoints). Whispers, Hex:Ruin, and the 4th perk is usually a random perk that fits the killer the best.

  • IanIan Member Posts: 12

    Killer (Hag): Monitor & Abuse, BBQ/Nurse's Calling, Hex: Ruin, Make Your Choice
    Survivor: Self-Care, Lithe, We'll Make It, Urban Evasion/Adrenaline

  • Techn0Techn0 Member Posts: 369

    Killer (Doc): Whispers, BBQ, Ruin, Nurses
    Survivor: Lithe, Self care, Balanced Landing, Vigil

  • OnetrolltorulethemOnetrolltorulethem Member Posts: 16

    Survivor (Claudoot): Sprint Burst, Adrenaline, Decisive Strike, and either Borrowed Time or Vigil.
    Killer (Nurse): BBQ, Hex Ruin, Shadowborn, Whispers.

  • DOOMDOOM Member Posts: 6
    In my opionion the most fun survivor build is Self Care, Plunders, Ace in the Hole, and Up the Ante. Every other round it seems like you'll get a key or an instaheal.
  • AsianMammothAsianMammoth Member Posts: 80

    Survivor: Sprint-Burst (I'd replace it with Lithe if I had it), Self-Care (I'd replace it with Bond if I had it), We'll Make It and We're Gonna Live Forever cause it's a pain in the ass to make points as survivor, unless I'm playing toxic.
    I don't play Killer anymore

  • MattRilesMattRiles Member Posts: 10

    Killer (Billy): Whispers, Brutal Strength, Enduring, BBQ
    Survivor: Self Care (Can run without, just prefer it) Adrenaline, Dead Hard, Iron Will

  • SsilverDSsilverD Member Posts: 12

    My favorite build was probably the wraith with bloodhound,sloppy butcher,iron grasp, and NoEd.
    When I was new to the game wraith was the first killer I chose and having the blood combo made it really easy to track survivors since I was new to the game. As well as iron grasp because I was having trouble dealing with the struggle of survivors. And No Ed just makes the game easier in general lol

  • Mc_HartyMc_Harty Member Posts: 3,294
    edited May 2018

    I enjoy running a No Mither build on survivor.

    No Mither, Dead Hard, Resilience, Leader.

  • BogdanNEKBogdanNEK Member Posts: 66

    Ace. Miguel.

  • WaffleWaffle Member Posts: 21


    Dead Hard, We’re gonna live forever, Self Care and Deliverance


    Pop Goes The Weasel, Bamboozle, Save The Best Till Last and Bitter Murmur

  • TheGameZpro3TheGameZpro3 Member Posts: 699
    edited October 2018

    Self Care (everyone uses this)
    Decisive Strike (...)
    Adrenaline (...)
    Object Of Obsession (So I can Easily track the Killer) or
    Urban Evasion (I use this more than OOO, but OOO is still good with this build)

  • KilligmaKilligma Member Posts: 372
    MattRiles said:

    Killer (Billy): Whispers, Brutal Strength, Enduring, BBQ

    May i ask why brutal strength on billy? Purely for kicking gens? 
  • SenzuDuckSenzuDuck Member Posts: 5,228
    edited October 2018

    For Survivor Its Usually

    Self-Care, SB, Adrenaline, the fourth perk is usually always random because I like switching it up, although, all my characters usually have different builds and I just play whatever they have equipped at the time.

    and for killer it's whatever they have equipped bc i don't really change my killer perks much

  • xxaggieboyxxxxaggieboyxx Member Posts: 498
    I run enduring(except nurse) and BBQ on every killer. Plus ruin if I have it on them. I usually run sloppy butcher on everyone. So really the only perk slot I get is ruin. Seeing how fast ruin is taken out it makes me not want to use it so sometimes I put other things to help with end game like noed blood warden or remember me  
  • fcc2014fcc2014 Member Posts: 4,388

    2700 views and 17 replies what the hell???
    Doctor Distressing, Huntress Lullaby, nurses, Ruin
    Michael Monitor and Abuse, bitter murmur, Spirit Fury, Nurses
    Freddy Nurses, sloppy butcher, NOED, Bloodwarden
    Trapper Spirit Fury, Sloppy butcher, Rancor, Ruin
    Wraith BBQ, Make your Choice, Devour Hope, Nurses
    Leatherface Insidous and nothing else, i wait in the basement they come to me. JK

    Survivor i Have everything unlocked on almost everyone but don't have any consistent build i change it up especially when they change perks.

  • michaelmyers87michaelmyers87 Member Posts: 458
    If I’m in the mood for doing gens really fast: no mither, resilience, this is not happening, spine chill, green toolbox 

    santa clause build: plunderers, ace in the hole, pharmacy, spine chill, I’ll bring an item and hide it. And deliver items to teammates. Vigos jar. 

    Michael has like a whole bunch of different play styles you can choose from. Mix and match perks and addons. 

    Trapper iridescent stone and bloody coil with hex ruin is op 

    i used to run whispers for 4ks. But as I got a lot better I stopped caring, just want points now. 
  • VietfoxVietfox Member Posts: 3,826
    Hag: bbq, myc, deerstalker, ruin
    Solo survivor: sc, kindred, empathy, iron will
  • makaylamakayla Member Posts: 285

    Survivor: Self-Care, Borrowed, Adrenaline and any other perk depending on my mood. Dead Hard, Balanced Landing, Deliverance, Iron Will...all depends on what I feel like.

    Killer: BBQ, Devour Hope, Enduring & another perk depending on my mood. I use this build on a few killers.

  • CyprazCypraz Member Posts: 136

    Balanced Landing // Self Care // Bond // Open handed.

  • Dwight_FairfieldDwight_Fairfield Member Posts: 3,779
    edited October 2018
    My never changing Dwight build is Bond, Leadership, Self Care and Urban Evasion.

    When I do play killer I tend to use Sloppy Butcher, Bloodhound, Hex Ruin and BBQ and Chili.
  • Blood_Coil_ViperBlood_Coil_Viper Member Posts: 199
    I like to use Sloppy Butcher, Blood Warden, Blood Hound and Monitor and Abuse. Because everyone runs Self Care I use this build to hunt them down very quickly. I injure as many people as I can and then use Sloppy Butcher and Bloodhound to find everyone again. 
  • fcc2014fcc2014 Member Posts: 4,388

    @Vietfox said:
    Hag: bbq, myc, deerstalker, ruin
    Solo survivor: sc, kindred, empathy, iron will

    Are you slugging you sweaty bastard.

  • VietfoxVietfox Member Posts: 3,826
    fcc2014 said:

    @Vietfox said:
    Hag: bbq, myc, deerstalker, ruin
    Solo survivor: sc, kindred, empathy, iron will

    Are you slugging you sweaty bastard.

    Maybe :)
  • fusionarmy456fusionarmy456 Member Posts: 2

    Survivor we're gonna live forever, self-care, sprint burst, borrowed time. I use this build to get blood points, avoid the killer/loop, and to help my teammates not get tunneled.

  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 11,793

    Hex: Devour Hope
    Anything else.

    My favorite thing to do ever since Hag came out is to try and get 4Ks using that Perk.
    It doesn't always work (getting even 1 kill happens less than getting 0), but that only makes the 4Ks that much more satisfying.

  • fusionarmy456fusionarmy456 Member Posts: 2

    Another survivor build. No mither, dead hard, prove thyself, and resilience. This is so you can have a constant repair bonus and when repairing generators with teammates it goes a bit faster as well.

  • AkumaAkuma Member Posts: 407

    i have no favorite survivor build since killer makes more fun for me. im playing nurse, 2x maximum range addons, ruin, bbq, sloppy, shadow
    really evil ^^ and deadly, definetely deadly yes ^^

    mhh idk, this ping thing and this tunneling thing and this killer can play badas as often as they want to, the thing with solo q's because they are awful af
    i would say
    selfcare, adrenaline, dead hard or balanced landing (or both) and iron will
    idc about survivor perks because they doesnt matter in solo q's I mean i could play kindred but my mates continue playing like stupid piece of something stupid ..^^ it's hard to find THE generel meta survivor perk build

    btw i woukd prefer playing perks like kinred and aftercare
    because it helps my solo qs teammates to better coordinate their actions and the whole situation
    but on the one hand
    when i play kindred they continue playing this as dumb as possible
    and if i play aftercare there's the thing with the hooking ^^ i mean yea i'll always bind a survivor on me but
    for solo q's its SO [BAD WORD] important that we can see each other and each other us
    because it gives us what SWFS have and this makes it possible to not dumbas in every meme-bubba

    but like i said, the weakness of aftercare is too high mostly and the way you can activate it is too strict
    i hope they will add a perk for solo q's like aftercare, just much more comfortable ^^

    sry for this
    if you want to see some crazy perk builds: youtube: monto
    hes playing hex:ruin
    to slow down the game


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