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Solo Surviving Vs. S.W.F.

HeroiqHeroiq Member Posts: 1,091

So... It came to this point...

solo surviving is now very hard compared to survive with friends. i'm a survivor main and 90% of my playtime is survivor gameplays. (more than 1k hours)

let's point everything.

1- The " Emotes ". basically they're now Useless. the only thing you can get use out of them is ( follow me - Telling the killer someone is in the locker - Repair. ). solo survivors have a very very limited way of communicating with their teammates. while in the other side. Survive With Friends Can Make The Survivors Communicate In every way they want. (voice chat. probably discord)

2- Perks (Aura Reading). in solo, if someone got hit or chased by the killer. you have to be lucky in order to find him OR use aura perks. (empathy. bond. aftercare). while in the other hand. Survive with friend can simply communicate and tell each other where they are. that's what can even make some killer perks (knock out. the third seal. etc) useless.

3- also perks (not aura perks). in solo. you won't know if your teammates are just farming you or getting you off hook with borrowed time. you will be forced to beg for them in order to make them take borrowed time for you. same goes with perks like deliverance. and some other perks.

4- basically random expert survivors are worst than noob survive with friend survivors. the reason for it is basically because you don't know what that expert survivor will do. you won't know where he is. what he's doing. if he's wasting his time or not. in the other hand. you can talk with your noob teammate and tell him that he should repair generators. he should come and save you. he should bla bla bla and make him stop wasting his time.

5- random survivors can all come to rescue you giving the killer a lot of free hits. and waste their entire time self-caring. or just leave you dying " thinking " someone else will come and save you. also i should point the survivors that just leave you and wait for your death to take your item. these things never happen in swf groups.

6- survive with friends give survivors a free kindred. the hooked swf member can simply tell his teammates that the killer is camping him. or he's out going to [insert survivor name] warning him and making him hide. so by playing solo you are wasting a perk slot.

7- disconnects? i won't talk about rage quits.... you already know how it F**ks up the game for other survivors.

8- the random " flashlight savers " who hide behind a bush waiting for you to get down to get their flashlight saves. they can sometimes sandbag you at loops causing you to go down quickly and warns the killer about them. and you know just a 180 spin can stop the survivor from flashlight saving. while in the other hand. you can tell your SWF teammates that you're about to get down. etc.

9- 40% of killers dodge SWF teams. and search for easy wins.


solo surviving needs a buff. what i think can balance it is adding text chat (or voice chat within 16 meters of each survivor). that would balance this.



  • ThomasJOThomasJO Member Posts: 2

    I agree with you in some points , But still in some cases i feel that its not fair to make a communication way for random survivors against the killer cause mostly the killer won't have a great time playing against expert survivors "who can communicate and have advantage over him , that's why 40% of the killer disconnect when they see SWF'' , In the end the killer is playing alone remember ? ^^ ..

    But still i would agree with you about adding a limited text chat .

  • MrsPiggyIsSoSneakyMrsPiggyIsSoSneaky Member Posts: 486

    solo is meant to be hard, your in a realm where you can't talk, or else they find you, and we don't need F13 elements in this game, but if that were to happen, then if someone talks, boom, sound notification

  • DudeDeliciousDudeDelicious Member Posts: 8,617

    If they implement in-game voice chat, they’d have to implement noise notifications for the killer every time the survivors speak.

  • JoannaVOJoannaVO Member Posts: 747

    Lol. I'm already sure that if they'd add a voice chat ingame, it's not going to be used to efficiently give each other call outs but more like people trolling with weird sounds, Clownfish, etc. And people insulting each other for whatever reasons. Would still like it, just to just laugh.

  • HeroiqHeroiq Member Posts: 1,091

    voice chat will be overpowered. if it happened. there must be a limit like 16 meters or something.

  • HeroiqHeroiq Member Posts: 1,091

    that's actually not a bad idea. but it's kinda op. it can be balanced like this:

    if the killer is within 8 meters of the survivor who's speaking. he can hear what he says (so he can stop their ideas and counter them).

    within 24 meters of the killer. if a survivor used his mic. his aura is revealed to the killer. 24-32 meters. a noise notification.

  • RaptorrotasRaptorrotas Member Posts: 2,004

    Any restriction or penalty to ingame voice-chat will simply lead to survuvors dodging this with third party VC like discord or skype.

    Voicechat cannot be partially implememted because of this, either you add it and destroy a lot of the game or dont, and let survivors "cheat" with third party VC.

  • KenshinKenshin Member Posts: 912

    thats how it meant to be played. this is still a "horror" and not party game like F13 mate. looks like you are playing the wrong game if you cant enjoy it for what it is.

  • SprinklesSprinkles Member Posts: 249
    edited March 2019

    Honestly Solo sucks, i can consistently do 2-3 gens for them to just do nothing and die around me, for the last guy to hang in there and expect a save while the killer chases me, yet didn't do much except rush hooks.

    Then you get Killers with a NOED, MYC (insert other perks) plus purple/red addons and expect you to enjoy a Solo game where the team cannot do gens or survive longer than 10 seconds... hell where is the time to even do NOED in those circumstances? and what would be the point if your team is dying anyway?

    FYI Hatch escapes are no longer fun for me, so much so i'd rather D/C and let someone else have it if they earned it.

  • SprinklesSprinkles Member Posts: 249

    Though until Solo's that deserve the hatch get it, and those that farm the team don't, SWF is fairgame.

    It's either campers and tunnellers or dealing with team farmers that then escape through the hatch while the killer lets them go.

  • HeroiqHeroiq Member Posts: 1,091

    i know how you feel. it's horrible having to do the generators and watching your team getting down in 12 seconds. and when the killer comes for you. you loop him for 2-5 minutes. and no gens are completed. and then the other remaining teammates get the hatch

  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 6,569

    Solo surviving in this game is jokingly easy. If you think it's hard that just means you need more practice. I strictly solo at rank 1 regularly and have no issues. It's literally relaxing.

  • HeroiqHeroiq Member Posts: 1,091

    i didn't say that solo surviving or swf is easy or hard.

    what i said is swf is way easier than solo. which affects the game balance a lot

  • prayer_survivorprayer_survivor Member Posts: 626

    As solo survivor you are dead 9 of 10 games. I can't enjoy anymore.

  • HeroiqHeroiq Member Posts: 1,091

    i can agree and disagree with you in this.

    because 1- it's probably based on the killer's skills

    2- who knows which teammates you'll have? noobs? pros? no one knows

    3- and yeah. if you got camped as a solo. no one will come for rescue. you'll die. while in swf. survivors can write a plan to rescue when needed to

  • solo_survivorsolo_survivor Member Posts: 36

    The voice chat is unnecessary.

    Because you can't cooperate, this game is fascinating.

    Please adjust a balance so that a solo survivor tends to survive and it may be possible.

    SWF should be made abolition even immediately.

  • prayer_survivorprayer_survivor Member Posts: 626

    Buff solo survs and reduce the number of perks as SWF could be a solution

  • SamuraiPipotchiSamuraiPipotchi Member Posts: 100

    Honestly, I think voice chat in the game would just breed toxicity. Especially if the killer could hear the voice chat.

    Although one idea that does interest me is the idea of a killer being able to hear some sort of mumbling sound whenever the survivor is talking within their terror radius.

    The killer would know that a person is communicating but would only be able to hear the length of the words - not the context.

    It would also make communication a risk for survivors, which wouldn't entirely destroy the ambience intended by having no voice chat.

    Alternatively, more emotes would be nice.

  • MhhBurgersMhhBurgers Member Posts: 1,776

    Solo surviving becomes easier the higher rank you go because killers have to capitalize on survivor errors. Yes there's tons of potatoes on R1 still but there's still less than at e.g rank 15.

  • xllxENIGMAxllxxllxENIGMAxllx Member Posts: 923

    Solo surviving is an issue and killers against SwF is another both of them need a buff. The difference is that killers with SwF have too much trouble and balance is bad (gen too easily done) too much pallets and windows. they should do two different mode one for solo and when with SwF.

    1. Solo keep the same rules as always.
    2. SwF have longer gens and slightly less pallets and windows.

    Solo surviving is only a problem when matched with potatoes.

  • MhhBurgersMhhBurgers Member Posts: 1,776

    then SWF will die because no killer will take SWF over solo, gratz you killed the game.

  • HeroiqHeroiq Member Posts: 1,091
    edited March 2019

    if it's " within the terror radius " it would be a little bit op for big terror radius builds.

    but if it's within 32 meters or 28 meters. it would be better

    EDIT: and weak for myer tier 1 and tier 2

    also more emotes would be cool. but they should be useful. not like fortnite

  • Kind_LemonKind_Lemon Member Posts: 1,289
    edited March 2019

    In regards to gestures, the most annoying thing is being unable to get an oblivious survivor’s attention. I would like a clap emote (with sound—specifically one or two sharp claps like the wakeup animation) to alleviate at least some frustration in dealing with potato teammates.

  • EVIL_ED_VAMPEVIL_ED_VAMP Member Posts: 5

    I think they might as well add voice chat at this point. About 95% of the Surviviors are SWF and use teamspeak anyway. So, it's unfair, it's cheating, it's not fun for killers; but it's all that's in this game.

    I think it's pretty willfully blind to say, 'Let's not add voice chat. That would be unfair.' Newsflash there, buddy, they added voice chat the day they added SWF; and it's soul crushingly unfair.

    The problem with adding voice chat isn't that it would make they game unfair. That happened years ago when they added voice chat by adding SWF. No, the problem is that adding voice chat would mean admitting that it's in the game and actually having to be a responsible Dev team and balance around it.

    As long as it's in the game for SWF, but not all the way in the game for like the three people who don't play SWF, then the Devs can pretend it's not in the game and continue to balance the game around solo joins even though most aura perks are useless for both sides because SWF makes them useless. Knock Out, Empathy, Aftercare; all pointless perks. They were designed for an all solo join game that could use them that doesn't exist.

    Personal experince, get to rank 15 and above as Killer and it's a wall of basically endless SWF Voice Com Squads. That's all there is there.

    So, please, add voice chat to the game. That might actually make the devs feel like they should, you know, balance around it. Right now it's in the game through SWF but the Devs plugs their ears and pretend it's not in the game and keep coming out with pointless perks like Aftercare to show us how commited they are to the idea that nobody uses voice chat.

    When I started the game as Freddy, and you put three people to sleep, and you see them all disperse from each other, run off in different directions, then all four meet up together in a different location. How is that not cheating? Solo joins could never do this without being loaded with perks that nobody actually runs anymore.

    That's what makes it hilaious to play as Freddy. More than any other Killer, the coordination is so very painfully obvious when you can see the outline of 75% of the team move and meet arcross the map with such grace you'd think you were watching synchronized swimming. In a sad, soul crushing way, it's kind of beautiful really. It really is like watching little Seal Team 6 Squads. And it really is about 80% of the matches as a minimum. Some nights it's worse.

    I mean, do it. Play Freddy on Killer Rank 15 or Higher for an entire day and see how painfully obious this is. No one stays asleep, SWF will make sure the one awake person wakes everyone up on the other side of the map you see them all move towards together. It's like a little musical, every game.

    If you were ever under any delusion thinking that this game doesn't have voice chat. Just, just play as Freddy. I mean, when you see their coordinated movements, you'll know.

  • solo_survivorsolo_survivor Member Posts: 36
    edited March 2019

    That isn't the reason that you're good.

    It's because SWF mixes with the game with which you participated.

  • fluffybunnyfluffybunny Member Posts: 2,161

    @Heroiq It's only OP if they don't do anything to adjust the killer's powers accordingly. Considering SWF can already voice chat, it'd be OP to leave it as is. If survivors are given tools to interact on the same level as SWF, the killer can get tools to counter both.

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