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What does it take for you to call "gg"?

PiiFreePiiFree Member Posts: 1,139
edited March 2019 in General Discussions

What does it take for you to drop a gg? I'm curious because I see them very rarely lately.



  • CarpemortumCarpemortum Member Posts: 4,510

    Playing a game.

  • The_CrusaderThe_Crusader Member Posts: 3,688

    Survivor - A killer who doesn't camp or tunnel

    Killer - Survivors who don't tbag or aren't immersed P3 claudettes with all the meta perks

  • ModernFableModernFable Member Posts: 755

    It's different from person to person, but the proper etiquette as I’ve learned it is:

    Saying “good game” is to come from those who lost or not at all.

    So if they don’t want to say it, then that’s that. The winner doesn’t initiate.

    Otherwise it may come off as taunting.

  • thesuicidefoxthesuicidefox Member Posts: 7,717
    edited March 2019

    I almost always say GG. The only times I don't is when someone DC's, or if they were previously toxic to me post game (ie. I have them blocked on Xbox).

  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 6,985

    No one was toxic and no hatch escape.

  • PiiFreePiiFree Member Posts: 1,139

    I understand that, the question is, what does it take for the opposite site to get a gg from you? Do you have to win to drop a gg? Or is a fair game enough?

  • Warlock_2020Warlock_2020 Member Posts: 1,868

    No teabag, no tunnel, no camp. GG Kicked my ass and all escaped? GG. Downed me before 2 gens were done and killed me without camping/tunneling? GG

    Having fun is not about winning for me in this game. I just don't want to deal with bs is all. I do that at work all day long where I deal with criminal scum that hurts kids. I don't need to deal with childish bs when I want to chill out.

  • thesuicidefoxthesuicidefox Member Posts: 7,717

    @ModernFable Saying GG when you win isn't taunting. It's good sportsmanship. Saying GG EZ or something like that is taunting. People that think just saying GG is taunting are generally the toxic ones.

  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 5,842

    I say "gg" when I think that the other side played fair. If I dont think that a "gg" would be justified, I will simply leave, most of the time. If the Killer thinks he needs to be salty, well, I am always open for discussions.

    Maybe, if the Killer dominated our Team, I will say "gg, was close", but more as a Joke.

    But in general, I would say that 95% of the games I am in, I also say "gg" at the end.

  • ModernFableModernFable Member Posts: 755


    When I make them laugh.

    For instance, once I sat in basement as Insidous Leatherface all game because I was really bored, but didn’t feel like switching games.

    *pop* *pop* *pop*

    The Gens flew by and soon all 5 were done, when suddenly I heard some footsteps creaking on their way down.


    Winning wasn’t enough, they needed more, but this was my basement and all that lied within it was also mine.

    I could not hear them nor see their face naturally, but the panic in their movement as they realized they got more than they bargained for entering my domain.

    A single swing of my chainsaw was all it took, before the fool now laid on my hook. Then one by one, they all came in, till two found new residence in my lair.

    After that, the remaining two swiftly ran out the gate and one messaged me:

    ”Protecting the basement?”

    I relied:


    They then thanked me for keeping the basement a safe place, and we went on our merry way.

  • nunadventuresnunadventures Member Posts: 198

    killer who doesn’t tunnel or camp and knows what they are doing.

    Survivors who aren’t toxic by teabagging or flashlight clicking.

  • mcNuggetsmcNuggets Member Posts: 767

    Why do killers have to adapt to the play style of how a survivor wants the game to be?

    but the only restrictions for survivors are not t-bagging with meta perks?

  • HavelmomDaS1HavelmomDaS1 Member Posts: 1,948

    Well, a good game.

    I don't write "gg" out of habit as other do. Was it a fun and fair/balanced game? - gg

    Was it unfun, boring, unfair? - Nothing, just leaving.

  • Mister_xDMister_xD Member Posts: 4,938

    finishing the round and not being 110% pissed off.

    i usually always say "gg", yet i rarely get a answer from the survivors :c

  • GrootDudeGrootDude Member Posts: 14,126

    If you played the game and PS4 had post chat then unless you used a exploit that made you unkillable or hacked then you would get a gg from me.

  • The_CrusaderThe_Crusader Member Posts: 3,688

    Because hard tunneling is lame.

    There are 4 survivors, stop picking on one because they're easy prey when on the hook.

  • ModernFableModernFable Member Posts: 755


    That’s one opinion I suppose.

    And maybe on PC it’s different because the chat is right there, so it’s like a group conversation of sorts.

    However on console at least, I’ve found that most are annoyed when you reach out and message them. So if they didn’t message me then I don’t intend to bother them.

  • thesuicidefoxthesuicidefox Member Posts: 7,717

    @ModernFable I'm on Xbox. I send a GG to every survivor and killer I don't have blocked that doesn't DC. 70% of the time I get a GG back. 10% of the time people get salty because they lost or thought I did something toxic (even if I were to say "sorry for the tunnel but I had to because X reason"). 20% of the time people don't say anything back.

  • Detective_JonathanDetective_Jonathan Member Posts: 1,165

    I don't normally say "gg" i say gegz :D for both sides. Mainly killer since you know, with this new ranking system that is pretty much what it feels like.

  • ModernFableModernFable Member Posts: 755


    Yeah, I have not had such kind percentages, so I just leave people be.

  • thesuicidefoxthesuicidefox Member Posts: 7,717
    edited March 2019

    Well I also don't play like a selfish entitled [BAD WORD] either. I play fair and give everyone fair opportunities where I can. I can accept my losses when they come. Sometimes I also compliment them on good plays or skill. Sometimes I have to do what I have to do given the circumstance, and I try to empathize with them because it happens. Most people end up understanding that I had to do something just because if I didn't I would have been giving up the game.

  • DingDongsDingDongs Member Posts: 685

    I'll say "gg" and "thank you" when the nice killer let me escape

    Sometime when i play killer and feel bad for the last survivor, i'll drop them in near hatch and type "gg"

  • KingBKingB Member Posts: 747

    2 kills and 2 escapes. As long as the survivors didn't suicide or use a key and the killer didn't camp and/or tunnel.

  • artistartist Member Posts: 1,490

    a good game

  • se05239se05239 Member Posts: 3,920

    I've my post-game chat permanently closed, so I don't gg.

  • LCGasterLCGaster Member Posts: 3,154
    edited March 2019

    Since I am on PS4 I usually send ggs and compliments if the killer was really good and fun to play against, hoping they don't have messages disabled. I have never sent a gg to a survivor, if they are good they are usually toxic as well.

  • NeaJovovichNeaJovovich Member Posts: 234

    Killers who don't tunnel or camp.

  • FlyArrowFlyArrow Member Posts: 40
    edited March 2019

    I say gg in every game even tho the survivors say ez killer or killer says ez game. The only time i dont say gg is when the survivors drag the game and wouldn't end the game so I leave cuz they're wasting my time.

  • Bug_ReporterBug_Reporter Member Posts: 673

    GG = 4 Kills, Good Sportsman.

    gg = At least 2 kills or more points than everyone else.

    GG 2 EZ = 5 Gens left or 4 Kills with a low tier killer. (GG in this case is also followed by "GG = Git Gud" on the chat)

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