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New chapter... The Seven Seas...

Mr_BlackMr_Black Member Posts: 93

Survivor and killer...

Killer: The Pirate


Height- Slightly tall (Average<slightly tall<tall)

Terror radius- 28m

Walking speed- 4.2m/s

Looks: Old Moldy version of Black Beard (barnacles included) and peg leg

Old rusty cutlass and a parrot on his shoulder...

Power: Parrot

The parrt flies up and reveals auras of totems, chests and survivors for 5 seconds when they are within 50m of you.

Addons: [open for discussion]


Me treasure!

Reveals auras of survivors who enter a 3m range from a chest. Persists until the survivor is 3/6/9m from the chest.


Last stand

When within 5/15/25m of the open hatch, gain the ability grab the survivor even through a lunge.

"You think this is a game?"

Pirate ways

When a survivor unhooks another survivor, the unhooked one is broken for 60/70/80 seconds. The survivor who unhooked the other is exposed for 25/35/45 seconds and their aura is shown to you for 3/6/12 seconds.

"You think you'll be let off the hook about this?"

New status: Blundering

Walking leaves the same amount of scratch marks as running.



Inflicts the survivor with the blundering status (one level)

Survivor Mother Ray

Looks: Black, muscular woman



Your wiggle timer progresses 20/35/50% faster and you get the ability to put down pallets the killer goes through, stunning the killer for 50% longer than usual.


Getting downed through a pallet drop or a vault means you cannot be picked up for 10/15/20 seconds. An attempt by the killer will stun them for 2 seconds.


Sprinting into a killer and activate the power. You charge into the killer, stunning them for 3 seconds. You are exhausted for 60/55/50 seconds.

New map.

More pirate-time version of haddonfield with a dock and a pirate ship at the end of it..


  • nunadventuresnunadventures Member Posts: 198

    its cool and unique concept. The power could be changed to something else because it seems very weak just showing auras. It could be changed where the parrot goes to the closest survivors not in a chase and makes them exposed or put them in broken state. Like the power won’t work in a chase but that could be made up with a faster speed or have ambush thing like Amanda.

    Last stand: i would make it so you can either close the hatch for either certain amount to time or just forever, or if a survivor is in your tr when the hatch is open then the hatch is blocked. I’m just thinking the lunge thing is way too huge and such

    me treasure: it can work if there’s a set time or if it’s just during when the survivors is opening the chest and aura is shown

    pirate ways is a good perk, reminds me of make your choice so it will probably have certain meters set for it to activate ya know

    Concussion: blundering could be apart of the pirates ability with the parrot considering it would need a buff and it would be a fairly alright one for it

    fiesty: make it 20/30/40% and it will be good

    eneragement: eh I don’t have a fix or problem with it, it’s just kinda wonky

    winded: I would also make it where you are injured afterwards or you have to be in a chase for a certain amount of time (30/20/15 seconds)

    well that’s all i got, pretty solid chapter that would need some tweaks to be viable

  • Mr_BlackMr_Black Member Posts: 93

    Last stand is to stop stand offs... The parrot power could make it so all survivors who are in the radius have blundering and all but your obsession are exposed and reduced radius... Last stand, remove the lunge and add a 20% missed attack cooldown... Enragement, works only with pallet drops or make it so you drop pallets and vault 15/20/25% faster... Me treasure, I think it's fine as it's aura reading depends on how long the survivor stays in range, not too OP... Winded, I agree, if you're already injured, it stills works and doesn't down you...

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