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Not a Clip. Just Screenshots, but the story they tell...

The BEFORE image. Went into the round suspecting a SWF group with multiple BNPs. I was right. THANKFULLY The Entity graced me with Wrecker's Yard for a map. Words you will never hear me say on another killer.

The AFTER image. HELLS YEAH!!!!


  • NotBiasedAtAllNotBiasedAtAll Member Posts: 50

    I'm surprised the post-game chat was so civil. Its hard for me to comprehend that when survivors bring multiple BNPs, sometimes its for the lols and not because they want to torment the killer. Must have been a hectic game though.

  • KhroalthemadbomberKhroalthemadbomber Member Posts: 912
    Very much so. I thankfully was able to get the first one down and trapped before the first gen popped. The people using their BNP's all failed their skill checks to prevent killing their teammate and we just ran from there.

    Lots of crazy jukes and surprising moments. Man I wish I had been able to record it.
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