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Idea for Hatch Rework

I came up with this Hatch idea back in July 2018 when the devs were trying out some Hatch changes on the PTB that weren't to their satisfaction. I remembered it when I read through a couple of other ideas on here and would like to see what the community (and the devs) think of this one. It meets McLean's criteria from back then, of being engaging and fair for both sides (and I had actually sent it to him back then, just never received a reply):

"It was suggested to send you [McLean] a summary of my idea per DM, we [Discord group] agreed that it's a fair solution to the Hatch situation and accepted by both sides, regarding our small sample group of experienced long-time players. A crucial element of my suggestion is, that the Killer can no longer perform a Hatch grab, otherwise we once again have a stand-off situation.

If the Survivor finds the Hatch first, they escape, end of story. If the Killer finds the Hatch first and closes it, a Dull Key would spawn in the furthest Chest from the Survivor, of which the Survivor would be shown an Aura and the Killer would not.

Having it in a Chest far from the Survivor's location at the point of closing the Hatch is once again crucial. We agreed that the Hatch escape must be earned by the Survivor in that situation so getting the key should be a challenge. It would hardly be challenging if the Chest would potentially spawn right next to the Survivor, hence the far-away parameter.

The challenge is that the Survivor must manage to sneak across the Map to the Chest, extract the Key from it and get back to the Hatch to open it and escape without getting found or being able to lose the Killer in an eventual chase. Should they manage that, they have deserved a Hatch escape.

Having the Survivor go across the Map to said Chest would also give the Killer one last chance at hunting them down, without the fear of them escaping via the Hatch. Without the Hatch grab, no scenario would lead to a stand-off any more.

Some members of the Discord like the idea so much, that they would actually like it seen tested in a PTB, since they regard it as a fair solution to the Hatch end-game.

You [McLean] mentioned not being keen on the key spawning in a Chest, because you wouldn't want it to replace an Item that wasn't taken from the opened Chest. Quite honestly, I think that's the least of that Survivor's concern in that situation. Or it could spawn a new Chest in one of the available spawn locations or it could place the unused Item next to it (which I find silly).

What we [Discord group] do not want is the key to be accessible to any other than the last remaining Survivor, mainly because the scenario of another Survivor having died with the key in their hand, would be extremely unfair to the last Survivor as they would have to know that the other Survivor had the key and also remember where they died. As we said, we want a solution that is fair."


  • Froggard728Froggard728 Member Posts: 85

    You'd have to have it spawn a new chest for this to work. If all chests are already opened then it wouldn't work probably.

    Also what if the killer is stood camping the hatch and closes it when he sees you? Then hes gunna know where the chest has spawned if it always spawns in the furthest location.

  • DocOctoberDocOctober Member Posts: 2,230

    Does the Killer know where that Chest is? Especially if it's a newly spawned one that can be in a lot of possible locations? No, the Killer doesn't that.

    And I consider the scenario in which a Survivor unsuccessfully sneaks up on the Killer who then closes the Hatch in their face as a loss for the Survivor. They weren't careful, so no Hatch for them.

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