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Make Stealth a more viable strategy



  • Robb_StarkRobb_Stark Member Posts: 87

    Those who say Whispers is not that great... ARE WRONG!

    If the Killer has it, no matter how good you are at Stealth, you will not escape.

    I could have escaped again if it hadn't been for this DISGUSTING🌡️ Perk.

    We were playing on Autoheaven against a Nurse. She had Whispers (her first pick obviously), NOED (I have nothing against this one), A Nurse's Calling and BBQ&Chilli (those two are perfectly fine too). The others died pretty fast and I was left alone with 4 Generators. I don't blame them - it was a Nurse afterall. The Nurse's weakness is supposed to be Stealth. But what if she equips detection Perks like most Nurses do ? She will become nearly unstoppable (if she has Whispers and she's skilled then she WILL be unstoppable).

    The match lasted around 25 minutes. I was trying to hide in the area of a Generator, keeping my distance, and start repairing it after she had already patroled. If she hadn't gotten Whispers, thanks to my Left Behind Perk, I would have been able to repair the Generator in 40 seconds while she was gone and the Hatch would have spawned.

    Whispers completely ruined this strategy. Luckily I kept my distance and I managed to leave the area. I was able to dodge her this way a couple to times during the match.

    She saw me twice but I succeeded in loosing her.

    All this effort was pointless as she always interrupted me at the Gens; even Left Behind wasn't good/fast enough. Basically, her Whispers, which is ONE perk, countered my FOUR Stealth Perks. How is this fair ? That was my best shot.

    After 25 minutes of doing this, I died. The Stealth player should be able to win on his/her own, regardless of what their teammates are doing. As long as Whispers is a thing (as well as other detection Perks/Abilities/Addons that have no SOLID counter) this will not be possible. As I have already mentioned, if Calm Spirit were buffed, so as to counteract such game mechanics (no matter how "situational" they may seem to the Killer mains; today I had to deal with 8 Whispers users), it would fix some Stealth issues.

    (Sorry for the bad quality, I'm playing on low 🤣)

    By the way...


    "Based on your opinions I'm assuming this experience is at least rank 10 or lower."

    Before this patch I used to be Rank 1. Since the new patch I have had the chance to play for a few hours in the last two days and I am Rank 8 at the moment.

  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 5,936
    edited March 2019

    "Those who say Whispers is not that great... ARE WRONG! "

    This isn't what anyone in this thread is saying whatsoever. What we are saying is that is does not ruin stealth play as a survivor and that there are multiple counters. You need to play more killer and actually use this perk some. You will understand how completely wrong you are here. If whispers causes you this much trouble and you really think it isn't counterable, you need to get better at survivor.

  • GrootDudeGrootDude Member, Trusted Posts: 14,020

    My stealth build is sc,UE, premonition and poised. I don’t get caught much with it unless I’m desperate to complete the gen.

  • CaretakerCaretaker Member Posts: 764

    "I stayed alive in a 1v1 for 25 minutes." "Stealth is trash." NANI?!

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