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People who ask for Billy nerfs have never faced this:



  • tehshadowman33tehshadowman33 Member Posts: 939

    Problem is this. Either I 4k or I 0k.

    Adrenaline has lead to this super boring, super aggravating "beat the game under five minutes" meta. It's really lame.

  • RockRage8962RockRage8962 Member Posts: 45

    The biggest problem with killers is that they are mostly underpowered without add-ons. The only two exceptions being Nurse and Hillbilly, and to a lesser extent, Spirit, but almost everyone else struggles greatly, and Billy and Spirit struggle as well without either type of items to help them out.

    I'm a survivor main, and I know for a fact that killers are nothing without their add-ons and perks if they aren't Nurse. The killers need to have their powers buffed, unless the devs come up with a secondary objective that is required for them to leave. If that's the case, then nerfs may be in order for killers, but unless it's only generators, they need power to stay in the game.

    Not to mention, the new ranking system made it even harder for killers to even pip, and if a survivor disconnects, they too get punished for the actions of the survivor. That's why the best killers have seen a rise in usage. It's to compensate for the bad new ranking system. The game is in a bit of a dark time, but it's still nothing compared to how the game was when it launched. Perma sabo, infinite loops, etc.

  • GrootDudeGrootDude Member Posts: 14,127

    Adrenaline is fine. The only thing I’d change is it not waking survivors up.

  • powerbatspowerbats Member Posts: 7,068

    Waking up is fine but I'd say if asleep and your injured it only wakes you up, not heals you and perhaps a shorter burst of speed.

  • PoweasPoweas Member Posts: 5,873

    @tt_ivi_99 my advice is don't use ruin, and use Bamboozle, you can basically end every chase in 10-20 seconds and apply gen pressure instantly.

    I think Ruin is unnecessary on a killer like Billy, Nurse or Spirit. They can patrol gens so easily, even Hag can do well without it and she sacrifices around 2 gens setting up.

    In short, I think you got a little too used to ruin to apply the proper pressure. I might be wrong though. I don't want Billy nerfed btw.

  • GrootDudeGrootDude Member Posts: 14,127

    @Poweas I think this is the sole reason I do better with leatherface than hillbilly. No bamboozle yet but leatherface doesn’t have ruin. You do much better without ruin. :)

  • PoweasPoweas Member Posts: 5,873

    @TreemanXD once you get used to it, you see how good it is without ruin, but it's more difficult, because you must create gen pressure andmost killers would rather be lazy and rely on it,

  • NoShinyPonyNoShinyPony Member Posts: 4,570

    It's not that Adrenaline is too powerful. Billy is simply the only balanced killer. Everyone else - except for Nurse - would need a buff.

  • PiiFreePiiFree Member Posts: 1,149

    I think that players who struggle against a Billy generally need to get better at the game. Lack of skill is not really a reason to nerf something. Billy is good at punishing Survivors with no map awareness but can get looped very easily.

    If that team you faced was actually good, they would've 2-3x escaped. If you get a bad map, might even end up with 0-1k. I'm Billy main and I 3-4k like 90% of my matches in high rank but I still get completly roflstomped when I face 4 actually good players, they put me back to reality and demonstrate what good players are capable of. And how powerless you can feel even as Billy.

  • DwightsLifeMattersDwightsLifeMatters Member Posts: 1,649
    edited April 2019

    This here. I play Billy a lot and dominate most of the time. I know a lot of techs, map awareness etc if I can say that by myself.

    Whenever I get the feeling "hey, actually DbD seems to be quite balanced.." I get that special swat team finishing gens in under 4 minutes and stomping me back to reality. And I wasn't even doing mistakes. It's just that survivors playing optimal is to strong compared to killer playing optimal, I feel helpless.

    I shadow record all my matches and sometimes I try really hard to analyse why I lost but I can't see mistakes of me.

  • artistartist Member Posts: 1,490

    as I said, maybe it's different for console because I know billy players that can punish this type of team, and end the game before adrenaline even becomes a thing (hence why I said, "why mention adrenaline?"). there's no way every time they were on a gen while injured, they had a pallet they could beat you to, especially considering you have spirit fury so 1/3 times that MAY happen, you will still get them. also I say "as a ruin billy" because billy is strong enough to not need ruin to win games. but ONCE AGAIN, maybe it's different for console

  • artistartist Member Posts: 1,490

    on a killer like billy or nurse, you don't need ruin to win. unless you are bad.

  • PiiFreePiiFree Member Posts: 1,149


    It's either the Killer dominating the Survivors or the other way around, I find really balanced matches to be quite rare. I'm either bored because of "easy 4k" or I'm completly pissed and tilted because I tryhard like crazy, pull the sickest plays and still end up with only 0-2k.

    Is the reason why I had to stomp playing DbD, it's just not fun anymore to me at the moment. Stomp or get stomped, repeat.

  • BongbingbingBongbingbing Member Posts: 1,423

    That's the main issue with this Game, There's such huge gaps in how people play and SWF can just completely throw any form of balance out the window.

    I Think Mclean said on stream that Hillbilly's faster charge add ons are going to be getting looked at as well as legion and nurse so I'm pretty sure a nerf is coming at least to his Add ons.

  • tt_ivi_99tt_ivi_99 Member Posts: 1,408


    Bamboozle is not necessary on Billy, once you learn how to curve with him you pretty much negate any window in the entire game.

    Ruin gives you a couple of seconds on the match if It doesnt get demolished, even Billy struggles without it if going against efficient survivors.

  • PoweasPoweas Member Posts: 5,873

    Bamboozle I just like to use, I know a bit of the curving, (where you charge at the edge and down them by flicking right). But I once versed a sweaty SWF in the ASYLUM with Balanced Landing (all 4) and abuse of god windows, and I drew without Ruin. They had a key so I missed my 3k, (woulda let last guy get hatch they had me on edge). Naturally, I realised Ruin is unnecessary because I didn't have it leveled back then and still did well.

    So I don't think killers should have ruin tbh, it's not that helpful and a perk like Pop Goes the Weasel is better used.

  • AcromioAcromio Member Posts: 1,607
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