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Plague Boring

And yet again a failure of a killer. No fun to play against idiotic perks and another boring aspect of the game. Pretty good job so far.


  • WatchBloodRainWatchBloodRain Member Posts: 146

    Ok then

  • PunLPunL Member Posts: 136

    Thanks for your opinion, i actually kinda enjoy her as seem several other kilers i played against.

    But hey, feel free to make suggestions for a new killer!

  • PeanitsPeanits Dev, Community Manager Posts: 3,862

    If there's specific things you do not like about the plague, we would love to hear them. We're open to feedback, but it's difficult to make changes to make her more fun for you if we don't know what it is that you don't like.

  • ThGameIsHardButSoAmIThGameIsHardButSoAmI Member Posts: 128

    In my opinion she is really fun to play against, passing sickness to other survivors, having to go from place to place to cleanse yourself, the corrupt purge can be kinda bs sometimes but i still like her

  • Samurai_DracoSamurai_Draco Member Posts: 13

    Actually, I would like to make a suggestion that might add another level of fun and tactics depending on what could be fair and balanced out for it. I think what would be very neat is having the plague to breathe in, sucking down the incense that emits out from her profane censer, like charging up with it like she does with her vomit, then spraying it out like her vomit but more direct and not arching. If a survivor is hit with it directly, they would be surrounded by a cloud of incense, making the survivor not dazed or confused, but blocking their line of sight for a limited time only until it dissipates. Lastly, if the plague spewed the incense onto the ground, it would create a decent sized wall that no survivor could see through it, but if they went through it directly, the same thing would happen I mentioned previously. The wall would only last for a certain amount of time, and it can affect one survivor at a time. If the survivor is hit with the incense first, and the plague switched to the vomit, it would disperse the cloud instantly. This is just a suggestion and i'm open to hearing if it may or may not be possible for something like this.

  • BroosmeisterBroosmeister Member Posts: 250

    Well this is going to sound really dumb, so feel free to critisize me if you want. But i just have no fun playing against her, the whole cleaning yourself or waiting for puke to dissapear from a generator, it's just not doing it for me. Corrupt purge is just playing Huntress easy mode. It could be the people who play her but i couldn't name a specific thing which would need changing. But maybe it's because i left DbD a while ago and recently came back. I probably have to get used to her. But for now i don't enjoy playing vs her.

  • ItsYourBoyGuzmaItsYourBoyGuzma Member Posts: 772

    There's nothing stopping survivors from working on gens and essentially stopping their loops in chases.

    You find 1 survivor right, puke on them and they either proceed to loop and waste your time (while their team finishes gens with or without ruin / corrupt inter/or some other perk to buy the killer time to snowball.)

    Basically survivors have the choice to just keep working on gens once sick, they can also hold the plagues power away by not using the fountains.

    I mean the only benefit for survivors being sick is them being 1 hit , idk it just feels like once you're sick you should start getting slower because GuEsS wHaT you're sick????

    So if there were actual negative side affects for being sick then survivors would cleanse more often thus giving the killer their ability more often.

    Hell even if being somewhat slower is too OP then being sick should cause them to blow up the gen every time they vomit while repairing.

    If none of these work they maybe make it so everything the plague vomits on is acidic and damages the survivors so therefore she can force survivors to leave their safe zones.(so no one vomiting on survivors causes injured in exchange for this acidic form)

    I mean if the killer is not being played .. that's kind of a [BAD WORD] problem.

  • PeasantPeasant Member Posts: 3,662
    edited April 3

    @PeanitsIn summary the main areas the Plague fails in are:

    Consistent Map Pressure (she needs to drop everything and run across the map to get corrupt purge)

    Her basic Vile Purge is completely and utterly useless when chasing an experienced survivor, especially one who can loop.

    The Plague is unrewarding to play as since she fails to deliver and appreciable level of Bloodpoints, Emblems, and Sacrifices/Kills in a standard game. (Interestingly enough I can get a fair number of kills when I "slug" but the emblem and point problems are only made more poignant in this case.)

    I'm currently working on a proposal for a power rework that should at least make her more fun and slightly better at countering looping.

  • MasterMaster Member Posts: 10,208

    Follow his advice, I do the same now

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