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Your Personal Killer Nicknames

PieManPieMan Member Posts: 27

This is more of a silly discussion than anything, but what are some of your own personal nicknames you have for killers? Other than the commonly known ones, I refer to The Pig as Piggly Wiggly and The Clown as Fatty, but I'd love to hear some of the nicknames you guys have! Thanks for your time!



  • Mr_Jay_StarkMr_Jay_Stark Member Posts: 539
    edited July 2018

    I only have 3: the trapper I call him la trappa unless it’s Christmas then I call him trappa claus, wraith I call him bell boi, the clown I call thick daddy

    Edit: I forgot about Freddy I call him scary terry because let’s be honest no one takes him serious in this game

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  • KhroalthemadbomberKhroalthemadbomber Member Posts: 1,073
    Leatherface is Bubba or Campibal depending on playstyle.

    Wraith is obviously Bing Bong

    For whatever reason I refer to The Clown as Herbert from Family Guy.
  • Techn0Techn0 Member Posts: 405
    edited July 2018

    Leatherface = Leatherbilly
    Freddy = Diddler
    Clown = Absolute unit
    Huntress = No funtress

  • ChesterTheMolesterChesterTheMolester Member Posts: 2,771
    Clown = John Wayne Gacy
    The Pig = Peppa or Ms. Piggy
    Nea = Killer
  • No_Mither_No_ProblemNo_Mither_No_Problem Member Posts: 1,476

    Trapper: Jason Vore-hees
    Wraith: 75% leg
    Hillbilly: Not Bubba
    Nurse: Silent Hill 2 enemy
    Shape: Shape-ly booty
    Hag: Cannibal before Bubba was cool
    Doctor: Black science man
    Leatherface: Bubba-Butt
    Huntress: A literal furry
    Nightmare: Unironically wears a fedora
    Pig: Shorter than the Survivors #########
    Clown: Fat Clown

  • The_ManletThe_Manlet Member Posts: 474

    I just call them their titles, except for Myers and Freddy whom I refer to by name, and Leatherface. I call him Leatherbilly.

  • NotBiasedAtAllNotBiasedAtAll Member Posts: 50

    Cannibal: Leather Daddy.
    Nightmare: Fred Boi.
    Wraith: Bing Bong.

  • GunManSpyGunManSpy Member Posts: 49

    I will always call The Pig Little Miss Piggy or by her full name Amanda Young.
    Whenever Michael has a Tombstone on I will call him Fat Myers because of the speed reduction.
    I call The Hillbilly B...B...Billy Boy, reference to the original IT.
    The Huntress I call Mom or Kitty Koshka.

    Everyone else I call by their names, except for The Wraith and The Cannibal.

  • mcNuggetsmcNuggets Member Posts: 767

    Freddy = A lost game

  • PigNRunPigNRun Member Posts: 2,428
    I only ever call Huntress a "Kuntress". 
  • DocOctoberDocOctober Member Posts: 2,230

    The only name I consistently use is Bubba for The Cannibal, because I find it endearing.

  • MinusTheBillieMinusTheBillie Member Posts: 349
    The Pig-######### and Bing bong. 
  • DepravedKillerDepravedKiller Member Posts: 182

    Doc = The Shockter
    Wraith = Mr Bing Bong
    Nurse = "o sh#% it's the nurse"

  • zacmangamingzacmangaming Member Posts: 101

    Nurse = Motherfucking Nurse with a purse
    Pig = Pig Titties
    Freddy = Mr Diddles
    Michael Myers = Stalky Boi
    Trapper = Big Daddy Trapper or Trappy Boi
    Huntress = ######### Cuntress
    Wraith = Bing Bong Boi or Legs for days
    Leatherface = IncestFace

  • zacmangamingzacmangaming Member Posts: 101

    @zacmangaming said:
    Nurse = Motherfucking Nurse with a purse
    Pig = Pig Titties
    Freddy = Mr Diddles
    Michael Myers = Stalky Boi
    Trapper = Big Daddy Trapper or Trappy Boi
    Huntress = [BAD WORD] Cuntress
    Wraith = Bing Bong Boi or Legs for days
    Leatherface = IncestFace

    Just to clarify the "Bad Word" I used for Huntress was"F'ing Cuntress"

  • SovererignKingSovererignKing Member Posts: 1,273
    Nurse = Banshee #########
    Hag = Topless Surprise
    Myers = King Creeper
    Pig = Peppa
    Wraith = Mr. Bing Bong

  • Mc_HartyMc_Harty Member Posts: 3,294

    3 blink Nurse - #########
    Nurse with any instant down perk - That ######### #########.

  • TsulanTsulan Member Posts: 10,281

    Leatherface = Läderlappen
    Google it!

  • RuniverRuniver Member Posts: 2,095

    Nurse = Trashbag
    Hag = Nea
    Freddy = Hobo Sweater Boi

  • MasterLoliMasterLoli Member Posts: 73

    Freddy = I ######### hate playing against Freddy

  • BrawlerBrawler Member Posts: 324
    As I'm from Poland:
    Trapper = Trapper
    Wraith - Niewidzialny (Invisible guy) 
    Hillbilly - Wariat z piła (Crazy guy with a chainsaw) 
    Nurse - Nurska
    Doctor - Doktorek
    Huntress - Hunterina
    Leatherface = Leatherface
    Freddy = Freddy
    Pig = Świnia (So just pig) 
    Myers - Stalker/Boogeyman/Myers
    Hag - Wiedźma (so just Hag) 
    Clown - Gruby (Fat guy) 
  • PeasantPeasant Member Posts: 4,104
    Evan = Nothing, I don't see him anymore. (I main Jake though.)
    Philip = For whom the Bell tolls.
    Mr.Thompson = Leatherface, b u t  f a s t e r .
    Sally = "Omae wa moe (explicitive) you."
    Anna = "Lucky shot"
    Kenneth = Chuckles
    Michael = Michael
    Lisa = Kinky (explicitve)
    Bubba = Bubba the tank engine.
    Herman = Thunderstruck
    Freddy = Mr. Sandman
    Amanda = MacMillan Salt Mine.
  • SovererignKingSovererignKing Member Posts: 1,273
    Mc_Harty said:

    3 blink Nurse - #########
    Nurse with any instant down perk - That [BAD WORD] #########.

    Which is why I love Make Your Choice :^)
  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 13,573

    None, i prefer using the titles the game gave them.

  • Smitt895Smitt895 Member Posts: 6
    Trapper: Watch them toes
    Wraith: Bing Bong 
    Hillbilly: Billy boi
    Nurse: RIP us or RIP the killer
    Hag: Wish I had Urban Evasion
    Huntress: Axe happy are we?
    Doctor: Don't scream, don't scream. WHY DID YOU SCREAM?!
    Cannibal: Billy wannabe
    Pig: Jigsaw wannabe
    Nightmare: Why do you harm your self like this?
    Clown: Oh hey, the new killer for once
  • BoxohoboBoxohobo Member Posts: 50

    Lean Cuisine = Hillbilly
    Chunky = Leatherface
    Hag = Grandma/Grandma Swamp
    Bae = Doctor ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    A lot of times I just called Wraith and Trapper by their actual names.

  • KevvieKevvie Member Posts: 175

    Leatherface is Mr. Tum Tums

  • Mrrgle_the_MediocreMrrgle_the_Mediocre Member Posts: 346
    edited July 2018

    Wraith = Bing Bong
    Hillbilly = Ol' Farmer Johnson
    Doctor = Doctair (with a stupid, mildly racist accent)
    Huntress = Hunty
    Pig = The Piggy
    Nightmare = Fredster
    Clown = Thiccy Nickey

  • RainbowPatooieRainbowPatooie Member Posts: 322
    Trapper = Trappy Boi
    Hillbilly = Billy
    Leatherface = Lully
    Pig = Piggo
    Shape = Mikey
    Wraith = Bing Bong Boi
    Nightmare = #########
  • davidps4DBDdavidps4DBD Member Posts: 79
    Chainsaw Face (Leatherface)
    Trump Supporter (Hillbilly)

    Axe Lesbian

    Daddy Trapper

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